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this was requested @MelissaGarza okay so I have a lot of fanfic I have to get started so I wanted to at least start them. I know have others to complete, but these are promise don't worry though I'll continue my other ones lol.


His eyes were the type of eyes that are rare to find. The type that can stare right through you soul, these glass like eyes that are the color of clear Night sky and lips the color of a pink freshly bloom rose. Their moist and full but small. The type of lips a doll would have. The tone of his skin is like a Milky white. So soft and flawless. He was just right,No he was perfect. he was my life like glass doll a perfect yet fragile figure.

Chapter 1: meeting Jin.

“It's raining again” Jin said, staring out the classroom window,sighing heavily. “I like the rain its peaceful.” The sudden voice startle Jin,he look to his right to find Namjoon seating two seats away from him. “the sky looks dark grey and cloudy and there hardly any sunshine only darkness fills the sky with rain drops… Hmm seem depressing to me.”Jin responded looking out the window again and resting his small round chin on the palm of his soft hand. “Not when you close your eyes and hum along with the sound of rain drops hitting against the window,”Namjoon said with a playful tone of voice. Jin turn to his head and look back at Namjoon again, who was smiling so innocently and cutely. “hey, how come you always stare out the window?”Namjoon ask,but no response was give. “is it because we're on the third floor of this building? Can you see the whole campus? Is it really that interesting that you can't take your eyes away from the window? Do you even listen during class? I mean you are a straight A student so you must be right,oh your thinking about something aren't you? What is it or is it someon-“ “shut up” Jin cut Namjoon off not letting him finish his questions. Jin tone of voice became cold, looking away from Namjoon, “what are we play 21 questions or something.” Jin sound irrated, Namjoon smile vanish he notice the sudden change in Jin tone of voice he didn't want to annoy him or get hated by him either but Namjoon really wanted to know what was going on in Jin mind. why does Jin look out the window so much? is he thinking of something important? but what so important that would cause someone to constantly wonder out a window everyday? Jin and Namjoon sat quietly, the only sound that was made was the sound of the rain drops hitting the glass window and the clock ticking. “what's your name?” Jin asked, snapping Namjoon out of his daydream. Namjoon look over at Jin who was still staring out the window and his chin still resting on his hand. “well, what is it?” Jin said irritated. he looked over at Namjoon, who stared blankly at him. “my name..”Namjoon said still dazing out. Jin stood up from his seat and slammed his hands on Namjoon desk,bring his back to reality. “Hello!”Namjoon flinched. Jin rolled his eyes and grunted quietly. “Oh MY NAME! My name… Uh... Is uh… Um hello... how may I help you… wait” Namjoon stutter as he got lost into Jin eyes, forgetting the question Jin had asked. Jin smack the desk harder hitting Namjoon fingers a bit. Namjoon jumped, he was startled by the loud sound and spoke randomly and stupidly “Anniyo! I wasn't staring… The answer five… Wait what's?” Namjoon rambled, Which made Jin smile little and giggle a bit. “no wait my name is Kim Namjoon, hi.” he greets Jin by standing up and bowing respectively. Namjoon then sit down and waving his hand. Jin smirks, his eyes became lustful and seducing, filled with hunger. Jin walk over behind Namjoon slowly. As Namjoon follows Jin with his eyes. Eventually looking upwards tossing his head back. Namjoon was unable to take his eyes off of Jin as he placed his arms around his shoulders sliding them down his chest. “Namjoon...”Jin whisper into his ear smoothly as he slowly lean in closer to side of Namjoon face.sticking one hand inside Namjoon shirt.namjoon notice Jin getting close. namjoon tried to look away but he was unable to break eye contact from jin luring eyes that hypnotize his whole body and soul and those moist full lips such lips that are so hard to resist.Namjoon want to bite them and feel against his.Namjoon body stiffen like a board, his throat felt so dry it hurt even gulp. Jin slowly moved his left hand close to Namjoon cheek brushing it and slowly moving it down his neck, causing Namjoon body to shiver. still keep eye contact Namjoon slowly stood up, facing Jin. “um-mm I d-”before Namjoon could even speak, Namjoon lips had already met his. Jin eyes widen big, he wasn't expecting Namjoon to do that.. Namjoon kiss Jin deeply,Jin placed his hands on to Namjoon chest gently,getting ready to shove off, but before Jin could push him, the kiss became hotter and messier. the feeling of Namjoon plumped lips pressing up against his felt so good. it felt so moist and warm. Jin knew it was wrong but it felt so right, he couldn't help but go along with Namjoon didn't know how it lead to this but he like it and wanted more of it. the kiss got heavier and sloppier. Jin could feel Namjoon tongue slowly moving its way into his mouth. The feeling of Namjoon tongue massaging his turned Jin on. the way their tongue roll and rubbed against each other. Caught in the moment Jin stuck his tongue into Namjoon mouth pulling Namjoon closer by the collar of his shirt and forcefully deepening the kiss even more. the kiss got rougher and heavier. Namjoon pulled Jin by his waist, pressing their crotch against each other. Jin leaned Against desk a little. Namjoon began to kiss Jin neck roughly, leaving small marks on him. Namjoon stop and pulls away lifting Jin onto his desk and going inBetween his legs. Namjoon pressed their members up against each other. Jin grind his hips rolling them as Namjoon grab his ass pressing him even closer which isn't possible. Jin give out a soft moan cause Namjoon to stop and stare at Jin surprised. Jin undoes his pants taking out his members from his pant. Namjoon took a deep breath,as Jin began to undo Namjoon pants letting free his rock hard member. Jin wrap his leg around namjoon,and begins to rub both their of the wet members together, Namjoon groan as Jin huffed. Namjoon couldn't hold back his urge anymore. Jin grab on to Namjoon shoulder as he was lifted up and slam against the wall. their body heated up, creating friction in between their clothing from rubbing up against each other. they started kissing again the kiss got rougher deeper and harder Jin could taste a bit of blood from Namjoon lips. It must have been from all the biting, their teeth nearly clashing from the kiss. jin hand guided there way to Namjoon jeans stroking the tip of Namjoon member slowly and teasingly. Jin licks his lips, looking at Namjoon as he continued jerking him off.staring deep into Namjoon eyes, Jin smirks.namjoon let his pants drop down to his ankle,as he lick his lips giving Jin a hint, Jin bit his bottom lip and nob yes quickly and nervously. Namjoon put Jin down. Jin got on his knee still keeping eyes contact. Namjoon looked down at him, they smile at each other not knowing how it got to this but didn't want stop it either. The sound of the rain an heavy breathing and panting filled the room the muffled moans that are trying to be held back slipping out the classroom window fogging up as well. -------------------------------- Jin let out a moan as he felt Namjoon hand stroking his members “w-wah wait” Jin stuttered. Jin tried to grab Namjoon arm to stop him from moving it but Namjoon pull him down, dropping Jin onto the cold hard ground and grab a hold of both of Jin wrist with on hand and lifting up his shirt kissing his body. Namjoon unzipped jin pants completely exposing his lower half and pulling them down with one hand than tried to pulled down Jin briefs down as low he possibly could. Namjoon press his members against jin cause him to shudder. Namjoon started to stroke them together, using Jin pre cum as lubricant,Namjoon started licking on Jin nipple, playing with them with his tongue. “s-sta- ah-stop pl-pleease” Jin pleaded with a moan. Namjoon continued stroking Their member together rubbing the tip of the head with his thumb, “You like how it feel? hmm.”Namjoon whispers into Jin ear. ”Mhmm“ Jin purrs. “I want to be inside of you Jin can I?” Namjoon grunted, “Mhmm uh” Jin hitched, Namjoon let go of Jin hand. “fuck me Namjoon!” Jin growled. Namjoon grabbing a hold of jin hair, making him groan and forceful kissing him going lower an lower but before he could go down the sound of foot step suddenly approach was heard from outside the classroom,.
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