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So its Jackson's Mom Bday and I uploaded a picture of him and her on my Instagram wishing her a happy Bday and this happens....
SHE LIKED MY PHOTO!!!!! OMG OMG I FEEL LIKE I'M DREAMING RIGHT NOW! HIS MOM NOTICED ME AND I'M LIKE :O This totally made my day. I had to share my excitement with everyone here cause I'm super happy! I would've love for Jackson to see it and give it a like too but HIS MOM NOTICED ME SO I'M GOOD WITH THAT! Lol

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@Lexxcisco @amberg171997 @BabydollBre @Sammie99522 @mrsjeon @KeziahWright @resavalencia @EliseB @luna1171 @shellyfuentes70 @ShailaZaman @CuteBabyLay @moonchild03 I KNOW! I AM STILL EXCITED ABOUT IT! Thank you guys for getting excited with me Lol @KpopGaby Yaassss it is a good way to get into my mother-in-law's heart ;) My husband's mom noticed me Lol @MirandaStephens Ikr! And I had tagged her on the picture along with Jackson but never thought I would get noticed by either of them 😀
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That's a way to get into your mother-in-law's heart XD but dude, that's amazing
2 years ago·Reply
Lol your future mother-in-law noticed you
2 years ago·Reply
@KatelynSummerso @KpopGaby @luna1171 I will make sure to let you know first hand when the date is settled Lol
2 years ago·Reply
@luna1171 haha XD and @jessicaacosta90 I must be the first to know when y'all finally decide to seal your relationship!
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