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Hisoka figurine

For all the Hunter fans out there, this could be the gift for you! Apparently the ever popular Hisoka figurine was announced for Christmas in 2015 and to be released around May 2016. Here's our beloved perv Hisoka, looks innocent enough...
But looks can be deceiving and here's the hidden perk....
Lol I miss HunterXHunter!
@Animaniafreak lol I know that shit is just funny
Lol he tells you that he's interested in your child and he's waiting for him/her to mature what do you do
@JosiahQuick Hisoka is a pervert alright lol. But I don't think he meant he's interested in the child, rather he's interested in Gon's fighting potential, it just the way Hisoka expresses himself can cause misunderstandings, after all he's a narcissist and doesn't care how others see him.
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