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I saw this while scrolling on Instagram. I agree that I know that even though I love kpop so much there will be a time where I might forgot things here and there. however I will not forget on how much kpop has changed me into a better person then I was 3 years ago.
these boys along with other kpop groups opened some much for me. I made goals that I want to achieve. Yes I go all complete fangirl when they do something to make me laugh are cry. along with saying "noonas heart can't take it!" or seeing wither Jimin being all sexy and thinking why does he do things like this, same goes for Jungkook and every other boy within BTS.
@AnaP it's is that's why I wanted to share it with everyone.
this is beautiful
ARMYS EXO-Ls IGOT7s be like; all it takes are three letters~ Exo, Bts, Got7 😂😂