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Okay, this is for @sassymaknae bc she is helping me get into BTS now I'm gonna help her get into exo, or anyone who wants to get into them! LET'S GO KIDS
let's start with exo-k, yes? This is Baekhyun, he's one of my top 3 biasis.
This is Chanyeol, my ultimate bias in exo, look at him!!
This is D.O, Kyung-soo is his real name lol
This is Suho, the leader! His real name is Kim Jun-myeon
This is Sehun, the maknae of the group. He's a cutie pie
And the last member of exo-k is Kai, but his real name is Kim Jong-in. He's the main dancer of the group
Now onto exo-m! This is Xiumin (his real name is Kim Min-seok) , he's also in my top 3 biasis. He's beautiful. But he's not Chinese, although he's in exo-m
This is Chen, his real name is Kim Jong-dae
The last member in exo-m is Lay. His real name is Zhang Yixing. He's the only actual Chinese member in exo-m lol
And of course we have our past members who have left us *moment of silence* Luhan, Kris and Tao. But they're solo music is still very good! lol anyways I hope this helps anyone. now I'll list some of my personal favorite Exo songs - Tell me what is love -Mama -History -3.6.5 -Peter Pan -Miracles in December -Call Me Baby -Transformer -Exodus -El Dorado -Playboy -Beautiful -Love Me Right -Tender Love -Sing For You -Girl X Friend -Unfair -On the Snow OF COURSE,,, all of they're songs are amazing. They each have unique personalities and they are all so cute and funny. OH OH OH but I also recommend watching "Exo Show Time" it we'll help you get to know them more and understand some inside jokes we have in our fandom We welcome anyone who wants to become an Exo-L, FIGHTING!!!!!
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@SassyMaknae Also, if you want some dramatic humor, try EXO Next Door X3
You are a great friend to introduce her to these babies lol
@imahurrucane shame on you for forgetting XP
@EmilyPeacock @SassyMaknae yes! how could I FORGET😂😂😂
Thank you so so much!!! 💙💙💙
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