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Hey guys/gals now I'm going to start a 7 day thing where I'll be posting one sexy Fairy Tail woman...so basically once a day there will be a post of the women considered sexy in Fairy Tail until all 7 days are up. I did post ones with the sexy guys of FT so now I'm going to be doing one for the ladies. I'll start it off with Wendy Marvell. Hope you'll enjoy! Also, if you want you can comment below and tell me who do you consider sexy from Fairy Tail?! They'll be a bonus day just like I did for the guys. That would truly be the No. 1 Sexy Female from Fairy Tail (in my opinion that is. lol)
Hope you all enjoyed a side of Wendy that's unexpected. (^_^) Don't need negative comments so if you don't like just scroll on by please! I'm a lover not a fighter!
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just some sexyness off the top of my head!!!!! hope it helps
Lucy, Erza, and Juvia are the sexiest 😍
One of my top 3 favorite Fairy Tail characters! 😄
Wendy looks so much older with short hair