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He backs away just enough to take your hands and pull you over to the couch, never taking his eyes from yours. He sits down and pulls your leg up onto his lap. Still in your heels and afraid of balance, you place your hand on his shoulder. He looks up with a grin as he takes of your high heel, than repeats the process with the other leg. He attempts to pull you onto his lap but even with the slit in the back, your skirt is still too tight. He slides his hands up your thighs, taking your skirt up so that the slit allows you to sit down. Before his hands get to your waist he starts to laugh and you realize he’s playing with your shorts.
“Wow, you and Jak really are best friends aren’t you?”
You place your hands on his chest, “Oh? Now why do you say that?”
“She’s the only other female I know that where’s shorts under her dresses.”
You arch an eyebrow and pinch him, “Just how do you know what Jak where’s under her dresses?!”
“I just assume it’s the same as her skirts and because she never leaves them on.” As you go to pinch him he clarifies,
“The SKIRTS, she never leaves on her skirts! In the car, the minute she walks in a door, gone. You kidding me? I don’t have a Jiyong death wish.”
He suddenly gets a gleam in his eye, “You should totally be Jak. Is this one piece or two?”
“Hmm, wouldn’t you like to know?” you tease.
He pinches your bottom he’s holding, “That was the point in asking.”
You stand back up and walk off a little, “Fine. If you aren’t interested in what we were doing anymore…”
You hear a warning growl mere seconds before he grabs for you. You squeal and run into the bathroom but not fast enough to get the door closed. He stalks in and pins you against the sink. He hands wrap around you and locate the hooks that hold your top to your skirt.
He backs a few steps up, “You need any further assistance?”
You look down, reaching behind to unzip the skirt. When you look up he’s staring at you, biting his sleeve. He looks way to excited to simply see you in shorts. You laugh and decide to make him pay.
“Sing me something,” you demand.
He looks up shocked, “What?”
You snicker, not a thought left in that brain at the moment. You slink over to him, running your hand down his chest.
“Sing to me. If you want a strip tease, I need music.”
You saunter past him back into the living room, he catches you when he grabs for you this time.
“Woman, you’re playing with fire,” he growls in your ear.
Before you can react he grabs the top of the skirt and starts to pull. You quickly grab the top of your shorts so they don’t go with it. You hear a wolf whistle from behind you; “Damn I’m torturing myself.”
He pulls you back against him, “Do you have any idea what you do to me?”
“It’s actually pretty obvious,” you tease, as he starts nibbling on your ear. Your knees begin to buckle; thankfully he has you in a tight grip. As your head falls back onto his shoulder you whisper,
“Um, weren’t we on the couch?”
“#11 direct and to the point.”
He sweeps in front of you and pulls you down onto his lap.
“See, this is so much better without the skirt.”
Twenty minutes, swollen lips, and raging hormones later you hear a beep at the door.
“Hey, [YN] I’m back!” Jak hollers and comes to a complete stop in the kitchen.
You rest your forehead against Kyungil’s, trying to catch your breath. You glance over to see Jak standing in the doorway with her arms crossed.
“Well, I’m glad you two finally decided to get on the same page. But Ji’s out of town, so this is just RUDE.”
I am loving how cute and playful he is now that he's gotten over himself. And, although I already knew it, so smoking hot! 🔥❤🔥
Jaks a cockblock XD
Ahahaha Jak at the end tho 😂👌🏼😂👌🏼😂
Oh my geezus we're already on 23?! And 😂😂 Jak is the best😂😂
oooh Jak please!!..get real?!