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1. Any snacks that contain carbs only Crackers, dry cereal, or rice cakes. When you eat these foods, the carbs convert into sugars that flow in your bloodstream. Because there is a sugar rush, your body produces extra insulin, and that causes low blood pressure. Then you seek sugary snacks to boost up your blood pressure. In other words, it makes you want to eat more and more sugar snacks.
2. Frozen foods In order to make food last longer, manufacturers freeze the food and out sodium in it, and natural preservative. Sodium makes you retain water, which bloats you up. The manufacturers try to squeeze a meals worth of calories into one tiny box. So every bite contains lots of calories! yikes!
3. Low-fat foods Its proven that people eat 30 percent more if they know they're eating food that is low-fat. When manufacturers take out fat from food, they remove some of the flavors, so they add sugar! which isn't good for you at all.
4. Artificially sweetened drinks Soda and other artificial sweeteners enhance cravings. Plus, soda and artificially sweetened drinks have a ton of sugar in it! Just stick the lemon water or water.