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Hey guys! So today we will be talking about how netizens have been having some mixed feelings about iKON's supposedly "ugly" look for Dazed. In their recent photo shoot, the boys have a strange hairstyles that gives netizens mixed feelings. Of course iKON can pull off many different looks, including some that other idols may not be able to pull off. A netizen uploaded a post titled "iKON really seem like the ugliest idols loooool", and shared the scans of iKON's pictures from the "Dazed" photo shoot, zooming into the members' face to emphasize just how "ugly" the members are.
Some netizens agreed with the OP, saying "Look at the class of ugly", "Bobby, sh*t, how did he ever decide to become an idol? He's got no shame" and "It must be hard to get the pictures to come out that ugly lol". Others, like myself, however, are more forgiving of these "ugly" pictures and defended iKON, saying, "I'm from a different fandom, but why are there so many up votes... so crazy; iKON is definitely not ugly. Why don't you say something after looking in the mirror yourselves; don't say sh*t about people's looks." "The antis are having a party up in here lol." "I'm a Konic but these pictures are really hilarious lol they're perfect for an embarrassing past~~but the truth of the matter is like this," and shared some cute gifs of iKON
Hehehehe I think they look adorable. As the saying goes, "Haters gonna hate." This would be a great thing to look over in a few years with their children. What do you guys think?
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That is really fuck up how do that have a nerves to say that like this really piss me off when people call others ugly like God made us the way he made us we are all beautiful/handsome in our own way yet you say someone else "ugly" wow just wow 😑
I wish that they would just stop with this ugly bull shit, it's getting out of hand. There's an old that goes like this and I quote "DONT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER" oblige to this quote and leave them alone no one is perfect
No one is ugly!! Everyone is beautiful! We just have different degree's of beautiful! My momma always said, if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say nothing at all!! Haters have nothing better to do!!😑
That is not cool at all i cant belive that people can be like this. im shocked everytime!!