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Warning: Some Bad language! Am not sure whether to include some scenes of intimacy in a future part, any advise on whether you think it will suit the story or not would be highly appreciated thanks!!!
The show started and the host for tonight was GD from BigBang. He said a whole speech about how exciting the night would be and revealed the line up for performances. Unfortunately, your group would not be performing as your debut wasn't until next week. However, you still quite liked the look of the line up. (In order) • GD - crooked, good boy • Big Bang - Bang Bang Bang, Loser • 4Minute - Hate / Crazy • Seventeen - Mansae & Adore U • CL - Hello Bitches • Psy - Daddy, Gentlemen • f(x) - 4 walls • Vixx - Chained up • Exo - Call me baby / Lightsaber • Taeyang - Ringa Linga • BTS - Run / Young Forever • Got7 - Homerun / Just right • Hyuna - Roll Deep It was going to be a great night.
~FLASHBACK~ You got in the room and immediately BamBam came running up to you and complimented how you were. Amelie was the only reporter with the same access as you and so she was quick to snap as many photos of you two together as possible. "So, now a nice one, place your hand on Y/N's waist and... Perfect!" She pulled the camera down to look at the photos and her expression changed. "What is something wrong with them?" You asked. Instead of telling you two, she turned the camera round to show you the evidence. There he was in the background, an unhappy Jungkook trying to mess up the photos. Immediately, you turned around to see him with a cheeky grin on his face. He looked proud but you certainly weren't going to congratulate him, "What the hell babe, we're just trying to take some nice photos here, could you actually fucking not!" "You've spent the last half an hour taking photos, the thing is going to start soon, come on squish, I wanna take photos with you!" He looked upset and so you found a middle ground, "fine, we'll take 2 more photos without you in them and then I'll be over ok!" A smile formed on his face as if to say that it was ok. After a couple more photos with BamBam, you walked over to Kookie who was standing ready for the photos of you and him. Yet, Amelie couldn't take pictures of you and Jungkook in case they got accidentally leaked. Kookie was quick to pull out his phone and you two had a silly little photo shoot. By about the 50th photo, it was time for you to take your seats. BamBam led you out, your arms linked, but Jungkook was walking just over a metre behind the pair of you. The rest of 4Motion were sat at Got7's table.
~Present Time~ 4Minute had just finished their performance and there was a short break. You and Zara quickly dashed off to the toilet. You were waiting outside the room for Zara to finish when a posh looking lady approached you. "Y/N? Am I right?" She asked. You nodded. She was wearing a fur coat that covered most of her body but of what you could see of her outfit, it was quite tight and quite revealing. "Congrats, on successful training up until debut. I heard that BTS have been working almost as hard as you have!" You'd been told what to say in these situations but the more she was talking the harder it became for you to reply, "I guess so, they're all such nice guys" "So how is it that you were assisted by BTS yet you're dating someone from Got7?" You paused, think carefully about your wording, for all you know she could be a reporter undercover. "I don't know, it's just how life works I suppose" "Lighten up love, we all know that you're cheating anyway..." "What?" It was then that Zara came out of the toilets. With a final "See ya love!", she was gone. You didn't even know her name, but you would certainly recognise her if you saw her again.
The show restarted and after a while it was BTS' turn to perform. You all stood up (like with the other performances) and the song began. Unlike the other songs, you were screaming wildly like the fans. Young forever started to play and you screamed out Jungkook's name as he began singing. Maybe you shouldn't have done that as Jackson in particular gave you a strange look and JB looked on at you disapprovingly. You didn't seem to care though, you were supporting your boyfriend and that's all you cared about. No matter what anyone else thought, you were going to be the loudest person out of everyone. You almost felt like screaming out that he was yours but the presence of BamBam stopped you from doing so.
JUNGKOOK's POV: The lights were shining on him but he could still see out to the audience. He spotted you in the crowd, cheering at the top of your lungs which just encouraged him even more. He kept his eyes on you the whole time. 'She's so amazing. After this, I'm having her all to myself. BamBam can fuck off, sucks to the media, she is MINE' he thought, more determined than he had ever been. The end of the song came and him and the boys ran off stage. Sweat was dripping from his forehead and he could see that the other boys were in a similar state to him. "Good performance guys!" JHope cheered. At least he still had some energy. Amelie suddenly appeared. "Jungkook, are you going to go public with Y/n tomorrow cuz I'm not sure what to do with these photos" He was about to speak when Jimin interrupted, "Maknae, how come you've never introduced me to this beauty before?" She blushed but he was not having any of this. He pushed Jimin away and yelled at him, "I can tell you later, you fricking flirt" he turned back to Amelie, "I'm not sure about the photos, post them and say that the two spent the night together but don't mention them as lovers more like companions. It'll be a start in the right direction" He had a plan, he was going to be behind stage with you leading up to your debut and claim that BamBam wasn't able to support you in person as he was too busy. Therefore, this was the reason you two split up and why you are dating Jungkook instead - because he was there for you when your 'boyfriend' wasn't. Foolproof.
Your POV: The boys eventually went back to their table and you congratulated them. The night continued and BTS had won an award. The boys were called up to the stage. Jungkook immediately ran to you and gave you the biggest hug ever. You were whispering in each others' ears, "We won ohmigod..." "Babe you've got to get up there, forget about me for a moment, this is all you" He joined his other band members, a spring present in his step, as they went up to collect the award. RapMon made the main thank you speech and other members were butting in. Jungkook then leant over to take the microphone. "I'd like to thank ARMYs, BigHit, my family and the rest of BTS. Without you this wouldn't be possible. And to Y/N..." He paused and you froze. He had to think of something quick otherwise things could go wrong very quickly. Even BamBam was stressed and he grabbed your hand in his. Kookie continued, "she's always been such a close friend and an irreplaceable, we are all so lucky to have her and the rest of 4Motion beside us. No one is more excited for their debut than we are." And with that, you could all breathe. BamBam's grip on your hand loosened and BTS made their way back to their seats. Jungkook still had a red face for standing up and you gave him a look that said 'well done for the cover up'.
Thanks, hope you enjoyed it!!! I'm thinking about making a total of 15-20 parts but I'll keep you posted 😄
Good cover up Kookie! lol Why do i have a feeling things are going to escalate really quickly from here on out?!
Can I be tagged in the previous ones and future ones please?