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Mira: (?) Who could be down here at this hour? (Mira's Head: A weak side of him..)
Laxus: Tch! Maybe I should rip this shirt already... Ouch! Shit! (Mira's Head: A sight so vulnerable...)
Mira: Hey... Need some help there? Laxus: Thanks...
Mira: How are your wounds?
Laxus: A bit better I guess... Mira: Dont strain yourself Laxus... Laxus: Hey it's just some scratches okay? Why are you so worried...?
Laxus: Mirajane....
Laxus: Hey...! Mirajane.... Mira... What's the matter? Mira: I-It's
Mira: It's nothing... I was just caught in by my own emotions. Thats all. Laxus: What kind of emotions.... That made you cry like this? Ah! :o Mirajane
Mira: Oh Laxus you look so frail... Laxus: Frail? Mira: I couldn't bare to see you like this.. .. You were so hurt... So badly wounded they found you.. I was so shocked and terrified... So scared when I saw you in such a condition. But I was also proud... knowing what you did to protect your Nakama, your Family. Laxus: Baka, Even I get weak too sometimes. But I won't die so easily... Trust me. So stop worrying and stop crying already I. Mira: Okay (Laxus kisses Mira on the Forehead)

The End❤

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Lucy and Laxus* @Mikazuki1
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@AimeBolanos oh ok I see.
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@AimeBolanos Tag me in it's upcoming parts too. TY...
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@mistymaity Lol dont worry I will!
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