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Hey guys! As you all know, the Korean entertainment industry has always been quite notorious for their extremely high beauty standards for both their male and female celebrities. Yet despite so many thin female singers/actors, Sooyoung of Girls' Generation has developed a strong reputation for being among the thinnest of them all. However, after seeing photos from her recent pictorial with "High Cut" magazine, netizens are claiming that the SM Entertainment singer is now so thin that she is definitely unhealthy.
Sooyoung is a very beautiful lady, and I hope that she takes good care of her health. Hopefully she wouldn't risk her health for appearance, but I trust that she is a smart girl and takes good care of herself. Sooyoung hwaiting!
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They bash them for not being thin enough, then bash them for being too thin... when does it stop? Stop the body shamming!
In the High Cut photo her arms look like they don't match her body or it could be the angle. Being thin...more like having to be thin can be blamed on the entertainment industry. They have to look like this or like that. They have to hold this standard with image. Their health and mental state can be affected and the companies don't care. Some are far worse then others.