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Oh my gosh guys! Another challenge how awesome is that! This one even has a give away too!!! But more importantly another chance for us all to geek out and talk about the stuff that drives us and makes us happy, and this one is all about Fairy Tail no less! Yahs, score! Alright so this first prompt is a fricken awesome one, asking us to pick our favorite type of magic from the world of Fairy Tail. OMG guys this was so hard, did yall have as a hard time narrowing it down as I did? Man there are so many awesome types of magic it was to tough trying to pick just one but I will because that's part of the challenge! At the end I'll highlight my other favorites too!
Okay for my selection, I'm gonna go with Dark Ecriture, also known as Dark Rune Script. This magic is employed by Freed Justine, member of the Thunder Legion and Fairy Tail. This is a cool type of magic, it's a caster type, potential holder type, and and eye magic all wrapped up in one. It is super versatile, capable of powerful offense, super capable defense against all kinds of magic, can be uses for self-improvement, and can even be used to summon and used other elements and mixing up spells, especially darkness element. Also it can be used for useful talents like teleportation and flying! Freed has employed his Dark Script to even trap Natsu, Gajeel, and fricken Mackarov rendering them completely useless when Laxus was trying to usurp the guild! He basically beat them without even fighting them. I have a thing for dark purple as my like aura color so the fact that this magic embodies that is another bonus. It's so versatile you can do almost anything with it, from outright killing your oppenent, to causing them pain and suffering, illusions, and then Freed used it to transform into this super bad ass black knight(pictured) and went toe to toe with Mira, probably the strongest melee fighter in Fairy Tail. When his eye goes all dark purple it just is so cool. This wasn't an easy choice but based on its extreme versatility, it's long range close range advantages, it's offensive and defensive capabilities, it's traps and nullification, it's enchantments and self inducing possibilities, it's color, to be able to teleport and fly, and overall effectiveness it's my first choice!
Honorable Mentions! These are some of my other favorite types, this list is not all inclusive just my highlights, Magnolia is filled with incredible magic, especially the ancient and lost arts: Heavenly Body Magic Arc of Embodiment Water Magic Ice-Make Magic Satan Soul/God Soul/Takeover Magic Sky Dragon/Healing/Support Magic Memory-Make/Illusion Magic Regalus/Light Magic Lightning God Slayer/Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic
I hope you all enjoyed, this is gonna be so much fun and I've certainly enjoyed the ones I've seen so far! Tagging the challenge team: @Thatperson512 @hikaymm @tylor619cruz @AimeBolanos and tagging some buds! @OtakuDemon10 @JessicaFerrier @InVinsybll @BlackoutZJ @AshChrimson @NinjaMouse @NeckoNecko @CreeTheOtaku @AdamDean @NeckoNecko @Yatosgirl @ShinigamiSan @assasingod @Silverfang @UzumakiJess @PASCUASIO
Great choice I'm glad to see a more unique pick! And also I love how he fangirls over Laxus I find it hilarious but he's definitely capable of doing things on his own. Great card keep it up!
@SAMURXAI I kinda ship Freed x Laxus, not sure how jokingly
I would like light magic or the the kind master makarov has
Dragon slayer magic
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