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■□■ Daesung's Birthday Bash ■□■
■□■ Hello and what's up guys today is the FIRST DAY of DAESUNG'S BIRTHDAY COUNTDOWN ■□■
And today's topic is.......

What YOU love MOST about Daesung♡♡♡

so let's get to it shall we .....what I love most about Daesung is:

No NO NOOOO what I really meant to say was..

no but seriously what is really like is

His great personality....

Okay okay forreal though I really like his personality

Like Daesung is cute

and probably one of the funniest people on this planet XD

I love you and your Crazy antics Dae♡♡

but with you being crazy. ....I guess you fit right in with your brothers lol

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