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Decided to update another Chapter for my Chenderella fans out there lol I'm pretty sure some people are a little upset about the whole Suho thing... So yea... A huge shocker towards the end....
The Troubles Started (One Month later) I am so sore and aching all over. Maybe I should catch up. So after the night that happened with Chen, I felt guilty and told Suho, he understood compeletly, so when were out in public its just me and him, and I was able to move back into M dorm. Me and Suho did go on some dates though for the publicity reasons, but we had fun together. So everything was good. Now back to the now. We are performing at an awards show in China, which is just us M members, so Lay, Chen, Xiumin and myself are practicing for it. Lay has been helping with my Chinese which I was so grateful to be in this group. "Mars!!" I heard yelling I groaned and rolled over in my bed when I heard my phone ringing, I smiled when I seen who it was. "Hey Hime Time" I said getting up, "Were you alseep?" He asked "No, I'm awake.. these boys were yelling for me so I gotta see what they want" I said laughing He laughes as well. I walked into the kitchen and seen the boys eating breakfast "Morning" I said to them, "Morning?" Jaime said "Yea stupid it's morning time here." I laughed "Oh yea" He said and laughed as well "Who are you talking to?" Chen asked kissing my forehead "Say hello Jaime I have you on speaker." I said "Hello~" He said everyone said hello back, "Hey Jaime" Xiumin said "Hey" He said back "It's Min Seok" I said to him "Oh, Hey Are you taking care of my sis?" He asked "I am yea" Xiumin replied "Good, I'll come after you" He said "HIME!" I yelled, and took him off speaker, and spoke to him in spanish "Jaime, what's up why did you call?" "It's Tony" "What happened?" At this point I walked out of the room, "Alot of people, are bashing on him, and sending him hate mail." "From who?" I asked "Your fans, the exo-l's" He said. "Oh my god" I said. "Yea, it's all when you guys hugged and the old pictures of you guys on Instagram" He said sighing after, "I explained it months ago" I said getting mad "Is he there?" I asked "No" He replied "Maria! hurry we have to leave in an hour" I heard one of the boys yell "Ugh, I'll have to call you back later Hime, I have to go" I said "Alright, Hey we're playing Hong Kong next in a few weeks" He said "Really when?" I asked "Uh, April 15th" He said I looked to see when we were there "Cool, save me a pass for 4" I said "Why?" He asked "Cause We're performing on the 14th" I said "Really? Are we able to come? or well I cramp your style?" He asked laughing "Shut up, and yea I think it'll okay, let me see when if I can get you tickets when I get to company building okay" I said. "Alright" He replied. We said out goodbyes and hung up. I went back into the kitchen to eat with the boys, "What happen Jagiya?" Chen asked "Our exo-l's are giving my best friend a hard time" I said making myself a bowl of cereal "Still?" He said I nodded, "I'll have to adress it later" I said to them.
We got to the building and got our schedule for the day, I went to the locker room to change into my Workout clothes and went up to the practice room, everyone was there already. "Noona, you always look cool" Chanyeol said I shrugged "Not always" I said laughing as I warmed up, I just wore a simple tank top with a pair of joggers, my Nikes, and a snapback. "Don't you have contacts noona?" Kai asked looking at my glasses "I do yes, but I don't want to have to wear them unless I have too" I replied, "So just for the shows right?" Baekhyun asked I nodded. "Well lets get to practicing, since you guys are doing your promotion in a couple weeks, we have ours next week" Suho said we all nodded, and went to practice. And let me tell you, only having 4 members it was hard. after a few hours and a well need break we all sat around, "Let's order in" Suho suggested, I laughed remebering watching that episode of Showtime. "What's so funny Mars?" I looked up to see everyone staring at me, "oh nothing" I said smiling at the memebers. "Let's just go downstairs to get food, it's early still" I suggested, we all got up and went downstairs. We sat down as Chen came up to me with a tray with some fruit and other things on it, I smiled at him "Thanks Jongdae" and grabbed the fruit and water I took a side glance and seen Suho staring I looked down at my fruit and grabbed some with my chopsticks "Suho-ssi, you want some?" I asked He smiled and held out his bowl, I smiled and placed it inside "Thank you" He said and continued eating his food. It was the only time it was quiet when the boys were eating even at that they were still teasing each other. I smiled and shook my head at them. After we ate we went back upstairs to practice some more, "What songs are you doing?" Suho asked as I sat on the ground, "I think Wolf and Overdose" I said Xiumin came up and nodded "Yea, its going to be hard to do with just us four, I mean we can do it with Overdose" He said I nodded, "Well we can see about sending Chanyeol and Kai with you guys" Suho said we all talked about it, after agreeing, Suho got up to go see the Manager about it. We all continued practicing, I was really starting to feel tired, but I had to keep going. Suho came back so we all stopped "Chanyeol and Kai... are going with you guys" he exclaimed, we were so happy. Hours went by it was coming to Midnight, I finally got to check my phone from my bag in the corner I got texts from Hime, then one from my mom. "Let's get some chicken!" I looked up to see Kai dancing I giggled and got up "I'll make the call, just don't go quiet on me guys." I said getting up "No, silly games" I said again and laughed and walked out to make the call. I went out to make the call for our food order, after I did our manager came up to me "How are you doing Maria-ssi? He asked "I'm fine Oppa" I replied, "that's good, oh also they want to know what your outfit cordnation will be, they suggested these" He said handing me jerseys "I think the boys will be okay with this." I said we both walked in the studio "Chen oppa" I said giving him his shirt "Yixing-ge.. Xiumin oppa.. Chanyeol-ssi.. and Kai-ssi" I said handing them theres, I got happy knowing that I got my own.. wait a minute "Seven?" I questioned He nodded as I looked to the guys "I don't think I should have this number Manager oppa" I said looking at him "I know we tried suggesting that you have your own number" He replied I sighed "I don't think fans will like it" I said again. "well its not a for sure thing, your outfits might change." He said We all nodded as he left for the night. "So, do you not want to wear the jersey?" Suho asked, "I honestly don't, but if it's what they want" I said getting up to get some water, "Oh! Maria we better work on your chinese some more" Lay said coming up to me "Oh? I got the words down" I said then he showed me his phone from an email he got. It said that we were to present an award "You mean I have to speak in front of alot of people?" I asked Lay only chuckled, "It's not that bad." He said I nodded, "Fine. let's start learning" I said sitting on the floor as the rest of the boys started practicing again.
I wish I could say that the weeks went by slow, but I would be wrong. We were already leaving to China, and of course the airport was crowed with fans, I swear I think they live here. I was pretty happy that our manager gave us a day off after our performance, and was also given permission to attend my brothers concert. Unfortunately, they weren't able to attend ours, tickets were sold out, but it's whatever they understood, it's a live performance so they said they'll watch it at their hotel room. We got on our plane, I was sitting next to Chen and Xiumin. "Do you need anybody gaurding you guys when you go on your outing tomorrow?" Our manager asked, I thought about it "No, I don't think so, my brother said that the security over there is really tight" I replied "Well we'll have a van ready for you guys at the place that they are playing" He said, I nodded as I felt the plane start to take off, I grabbed Chen's hand, as I was kinda scared to fly. He looked at me as I looked at him he just smiled and laced our fingers together, I put in my headphones, closed my eyes, and let my brother's voice soothe everything away, I rested my head on Chen's shoulder and fell asleep. I woke to some giggling and looked over at Chanyeol who had a phone out, and I realized that Chen pulled up the arm rests and laid across the seats and has head on my lap sleeping, I smiled and stroked his hair and looked back at Chanyeol "shh" I said to him, he and Xiumin just kept giggling to each other, I shook my head at them. After awhile the flight server told us that we'll be landing soon, so I woke Chen up, He peeked his eye at me as I bent over and pecked his lips, "How did you know that's what I wanted?" I shrugged "I just do" I replied. After getting off the plane, which was the hard part, more fans. I held onto Chen, and Kai. I smiled at fans I made eye contact with, they were yelling out the boys name, yelling "Oppa! Oppa!" then we got outside more and heard fans yelling "Unnie! Unnie!" I smiled and waved, I whispered and told the boys lets just sign a few things since they're being held back by guardrails, they agreed and our manager did as well, we had some markers, some of the fans told me that they love me and Suho together, some said different and that I should be with someone else, I just laughed, then this is the kicker I came up to some guys "Noona! Noona we are huge fans!" I smiled and signed their things. After we were done we waved bye to them and got in our van. "That was really fun." Kai said smiling, We all nodded then my phone rang, I got a picture text. "Hey is this you that caused all this mayhem? See you soon sis." I smiled at the video that Jaime sent, you could see us walking down the middle of the crowds outside when we started signing stuff. "Who's that noona?" Chanyeol asked peeking over my shoulder, "My brother, they must've landed before we did, he seen the crown and knew it was us." I said he nodded and smiled, "They should've made their way up to us" Chen said I laughed, "I know how hard it is to get through a crowd, I don't think they wanted to risk it" I laughed. -- We got the place where they were having the awards show so we can practice our performance one last time, and let me tell ya, this was a really huge stage. We practice as we practiced, "Noona, do you remeber Tao's part in Overdose, when we do this?" He made his heart and threw towards the ground, and moved his leg and foot like he was smashing it, I nodded "Well that's your role and part in the song now" He said I looked at him and to the rest of the guys and they all nodded "You are our main rapper/singer now Maria-ssi" Xiumin said smiling, I couldn't help but smile "Are you sure?" I asked they all nodded, I felt happy and nervous at the same time, I don't think this would ever happen to me. We decided to take a break, so we sat down on the edge of the stage and talked amongst ourselves, "Well, done EXO, you guys know how to put on a show." someone said behind us, I frowned and stood up and turned around to tell em off when I stopped, the rest of the guys stood up as well, "What are you doing here?" Chen asked, "What we can't be here? I suppose they didn't tell you that we were performing tomorrow as well." He said, "They didn't, but it's good to see you hyung." Chanyeol said, "Good to see all of you as well" He said smiling, I felt Xiumin and Chen tense up by me I grabbed both their hands to calm them down I looked at Xiumin "What's wrong oppa?" I asked He shook his head and walked off, I looked to Chen as he had a pained look in his, "I'll get him" Chen said walking away. I turned my attention back to the rest of the guys, "I believe we haven't met?" He said I bowed, "Hello, I'm Maria, or Mars" I said bowing, "Yes, I heard about you, your the new american girl, the first girl to be in a boy group, tell me how is it working with these guys? I bet it was hard and frustrating at first." the other one asked, and of course, I thought back to the begining, but didn't say anything, "It's been fun" I said smiling. "Sure it has been" He said smirking,as he eyed me up and down, "Is that all? no stories or anything? I heard your dating Suho." the other one asked, I was about to answer when Chen walked up, "Jagiya, Xiumin needs you." He said I nodded "Sorry, but I'm needed else where, it was really nice meeting you finally." I said bowing, "As well you Maria, and Chen?" He turned around, "Tell Xiumin I'll see him later" He smirked, "I wouldn't count on it... Luhan" He replied and turned around as we walked off. I walked up to Xiumin, "What's up oppa?" I asked I hugged him as Chen sat next to us. "Is it Luhan and Kris?" I asked, He nodded a little, "What happened?" I asked, "Suho and the rest, did the same thing what they were trying to do to you." Chen said I nodded, "Ah, I see, well we are all getting along now, so it's okay now right?" I asked, they both nodded, and we sat there for awhile. "Let's go, we have to practice some more." I said they both laughed "Let's go!!" Xiumin said smiling, "I'm not going to let them get to me" He said, we went back in, and sat back with the boys "Alright let's get this down one more time" I said, everyone got up as I started Wolf, and ran to my start. we ran that through as we had time to get ready for Overdose, it was going good till we got to the part where I was to take over after Xiumin, I breathed in and went for it, "Ning yuan chang shui bu xing ru guo zhe zhong gan jue bu cun zai Zhong ni tian mi de du bian cheng wo huo bu xia qu de qi dai, someone call the doctor" I smiled at myself, "Nailed It" I thought to myself. before I knew it it was done "Well done guys" I said walking up to my ipod, before I reached it My brother's band started playing I laughed and sang along before I turned it off, "What was that?" Kai asked I showed him, "Pierce The Veil, it's my brother's band" I said then he got it "Oh, okay they were in Korea last time right?" I nodded, my phone went off and seen a text from Vic "Hey can you do me a huge favor?!" I replied back "Uh, sure what's up?" while I was waiting for a text we decided to head somewhere to eat, Lay lead us they way since he said he knew the best place to eat. We walked inside of the resturant it wasn't too full and well hidden so no fans here to disturb us. "Go ahead and order us food Yixing-ge" I tried saying in chinese, He nodded "Very good" He said I smiled. as we all sat down an older women came out, and took our order. She said something to Lay, and he laughed and talked back with her, and she looked at me and smiled. "What did she say?" I asked, "Oh, uh she thought you were my girlfriend, but I said no we are just friends" He said I nodded "Oh" was I all I could say, we messed around and talked with the owners of the resturant until our food came, it was alot of food "Eat well" I said getting some food myself. After we ate we walked around for a bit, I was so tired I felt my legs drag "Wanna go back to the hotel?" Xiumin asked, "Is it that obvious?" I said they laughed, "No we gotta go back anyways, we get up early tomorrow." Kai said I nodded as we walked back to the hotel. "Were you still thinking on leaving?" Lay asked, I shrugged "I don't want to leave, but I wouldn't mind having some photography related things" I said again, Lay nodded. Our hotel room was like our dorm, but only had three rooms. so it was Lay and Xiumin in one room, Chen and Kai, in the other and myself and Chanyeol in the last, good thing they had seperate beds. I was about to doze off when my phone went off "Noona! Go to bed!" Chanyeol said throwing a pillow at me, "Yah!" I said throwing it back him. I looked at the text "Sorry, Can you be our photographer?" Vic replied back. I laughed and decided to wait till morning to reply back. "Night noona" Kai texted after. I got up and went to each boys' room and told them all goodnight, and went back to my own, as soon as my head hit my pillow I fell asleep.
Well looks like we hit a little snag, Luhan and Kris showed up, and the EXO members didn't even know. How about that. Anyways. I better get going to write the next chapter. see you guys soon. Tags: @GeniferEskue @SindyHernandez @Kpossible4250 @tiffany1922 @KristinaCaron @MidnightMadness @EmmaJolie @Orihemay
I want to be tagged please, like the plot a lot
@Kpossible4250 at the part where someone said "well done EXO, you guys know how to put on a show"
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