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Happy birthday to the Jo twins of Boyfriend!!!! The current and very attractive twins that anyone would want to be their boyfriend!! ^-^ Like, can have both of them?? Anyway, I'm so happy that they stayed together and worked so hard to make their band how it is now!! So let's be happy that these two are alive and well and hope that they have a great day!
Jo Youngmin (The older twin)
Jo Kwangmin (The younger twin)
I hope all of you enjoyed these gifs and pictures of the Jo twins and I really hope that you all has a great day, and always have a great day!! And one more time, happy birthday to the cutest twins around!!!!
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I love Kwangmin xD
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@CuteBabyLay Oh my god, right!?!?
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@CrookedShadow he's like bae
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