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You wait by your locker as you put away a few things. You heard sudden footsteps approach you. You look to your left to see Keilani walking with Yongguk besides her.
You ignore their inconvience and shut your locker and stood there dead silent.
"Hey Best Friend!" She shrieked as she hugged you.
You squirmed around her as you muttered breathly, "Hey...."
"Hi (Y/N)." Yongguk motions as he waves.
You smiled back pleasantly as Keilani looks at you with stupidity in her eyes,
"Why are you just standing there?"
"I'm waiting for Daehyun Oppa..." You replied. You look over at Yongguk to see him give off a smirk, Making you felt piteous.


I look down the hall to see the most beautiful human being shine across my eyes, Her standing next to Keilani and Yongguk Hyung. I go up to hug her as I felt his eyes staring at the back of my head.
"Hey Beautiful...Want me to buy you lunch?" I asked her as we head towards the cafeteria.
"Oh, No Thank You Oppa." She told me as she looked at the ground. She goes to sit at the farthest table away from the love birds. I go to sit right next to her as I asked her,
"What's wrong my love?"
She blushes as her eyes start to water a bit.
"I-I.... I feel... like..Yongguk is mad.. at me...." She stutters deliberately.
"Why would you say that?" I asked her with concern on my mind.
"Because...He hasn't talked to me since you and I started dating...And he only is around me when he is with Keilani. And, She can be a bit too prissy on the subject of romance..So I'm not as close with her as I used to be."
I gripped onto her hand with all my might as I comforted her,
"Look, If Hyung is mad at you, I can help you sort things out for him, I can tell Keilani to stop being an annoying bitch, I can tell her to stop bringing up the topic, I just want the best for you to be happy and to see that cute smile of yours." "Oppa~ Stop it!" She nervously squeled with rosy cheeks. She lightly pushes me as she smiles at the ground with her cute, beautiful smile. I look into her eyes to see a sparkle twinkling. Her pupils grew bigger as she would glance up at me. She frowns as she hears the voice of Yongguk,
"Daehyun..." He whispers carefully, "Is she okay?" I nodded a big no as I look at her frown in thought. She seemed a bit oblivious...As what someone could say. Yongguk asked her, "Hey (Y/N), Do you have a moment?" He seemed burdened, As if he was gonna tell her his deepest, darkest secret. **YONGGUK'S PERSPECTIVE** I pull her aside from Daehyun as I pulled her to the outside world. I look into her crystalizing eyes, They were so pretty to look at. "(Y/N)...I need to let you know something...I have been holding it in for months now and I can't bear it; The fact you don't know this hurts me...It physically hurts me.." She looks at me with concern. She looked very perplexed. She acted as if this was some cute secret, Like a secret you would tell your friends that you shit yourself in the 5th grade. "What do you mean physically hurts you?" She apprehensively concerns. "My heart hurts everytime I think about it. My heart feels dead when I think about telling you face to face. I don't know what to do with myself." I explained sadly. I looked down at the floor in shame as I think to myself, 'Should I tell her? Does she need to know? Would Daehyun kill me? Will Keilani?'
"Oppa..." She interferes with my emotions. She continues, "Just tell me...If it physically hurts you then I need to know as soon as possible." "Well...See the thing is...Don't tell Keilani or Daehyun but...I-I-I re-rea..." I stuttered. "OPPA!!!!" Someone yelled. And, That someone, Was Keilani. She interupted me. This bitch ruined my chance to tell her. "Oppa..Where were you?! I was worried about my snuggle buns." She squels. I never felt this disgusted about Keilani. She was so nerve wracking. "Oh hey (Y/N).." "Hey Keilani.." She muttered as she look at the ground. I felt awkward to be in this situation. I felt like I was the monkey in the middle. "Oppa...Let's go back inside with Daehyun..He is awfully lonely and miserable without (Y/N) besides him." She tugs on my arm like a little child begging for candy in a grocery store. "Yongguk...What did you wanted to tell me?" She asks. Keilani pulls me near her as she whispers into my ear, "We're leaving now...I have to talk to you.
"Ummm... I'll let you know later.." She smiles before walking away. I look at her graceful walk as her beautiful hair flows in the wind. As she heads inside, Keilani pulls me into a dark corner. "I don't want you talking to her never again." She whispers angrily. I immediately push her away in conflict, "Wae?!" "I think she really likes you... She doesn't like Daehyun... She's just using him for no good. You're mine, Not hers." She managed furiously. "Look Baby I know I'm yours but... She is my friend too and I care about her as much as I care about you." I explained. "But... Why? She is just a cold hearted slut." I looked at her with grossness. I have never been so disgusted by a human being! "Or maybe you're just a judgemental bitch..." I informed angrily. She seemed mad too. "Excuse me?! What did you just say to your girlfriend?!" I sighed, "You know what... I don't have a girlfriend anymore..." Jesus Christ I felt terrible. "You're breaking up with me?!??!?!?!" She yells very VERY loudly to the top of her lungs. "Yeah... I am.." I muttered. "Wae?!" "Because... I don't want to date a girl who is rude and judgemental about everyone... I have always been suspicious but I guess my eyes were to blind to see that.... And... As much as I love you... I have to let you go because.... There is someone else.."
"I HOPE YOU HAVE A LIFE TOGETHER!!! GOODBYE BANG YONGGUK!!!" She yells before walking away from me. I look around for anyone. Thank god no one was watching our argument...

As he says, "You Only Get One Shot."Aren't we happy how everything turned out? Tell me if you did are not!!!

Finally it's over between them!!! Glad you updated, it felt like forever since the last chapter..
FINALLY!! Ive been waiting for this moment, NOW COME GET ME YONGGUK OPPA 馃槀馃槀馃槀
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