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At the brink of 12am in my time zone here it is!
Berry Good released “Angel” and the song has a catchy chorus and lively beat. At first it seems to not be a captivating song but the more you listen, the more it stays in your head. The style of this song starts of somber while somehow still being bright and continues being motivational.
UP10TION’s Attention is a really smooth sounding song that doesn’t come off as powerful. It reminds me of EXOs “Love Me Right” with significant differences obviously. At the end of the video they hold fireworks and to me that describes the whole song, fun and catches your attention.
Apink’s Eunji has finally debuted as a solo artists and it’s pretty much what was expected from her. Hopefully Sky ft Hareem is a folk ballad sweetly dedicated to her father (or all fathers). The style of music is different from Apink but Eunji does not leave her delicate and whimsical image behind.
Apink came out with “The Wave” this same week and it is following a similar escalation from “Remember”. Have you ever heard a song and felt motivated to do something? That’s how I felt listening to this song, the chorus feels like the background music at the end of a movie where the characters jump in the air all happy.
BTS released “Young Forever” the end of the YHHA series. The song is powerfully emotional about continuing fame. The biggest thing about this song to me is how short it is. It’s around 3 minutes like other songs but I found myself feeling like I only listened to one minute and it was done. Just like the line “Lost in this maze” I was lost in this song.
VIXX Dynamite, it’s not “Hyde” but it’s not “G.R.8.U”. It’s an upbeat song that doesn’t necessarily define itself as bright or dark. The verses are slightly mellow and then there comes the chorus that just “BAM!” seems to come out of nowhere.
Yesung made his solo debut with “Here I Am”…. All of Super Junior vocals needs to solo debuts because this is just as beautiful and emotional as Kyuhyun and Ryeowook’s debuts. It’s such a sad song that I’m pretty sure I would cry if this was the background song to a happy moment. At the end of the video I was just all “There he is!! He is there!”
Soul, Soul, Soul is all I have to say about Lee Hi and I’m pretty sure we’ve all known this since “” or Kpop Star but moving on. “My Star” is a sweet song about love and just being able to see one person. The song is very relatable and the video is equally as playful.
Park Boram made a comeback with Dynamic Love, which is a sweet sounding slow song. Like the title the song has a good dynamic between the different sections working in the songs favor, I enjoy the off-beat rhythms throughout the song.
Vibe “1 year, 365 days” ft Gummy is a ballad that pretty much has the message it’s you or it’s no one. It’s very sweet but sad at the same time because the love is strong but you’re pretty much alone, so not the song for bitter singles lol.
Bizzy “All I Need” ft BUMZU is like the upbeat oasis in this sad dessert for me in this list from the overwhelming amount of sad ballad this week has contained. I started thinking “Is this a ballad? From Bizzy?” then it picked up and I was like, “Oh ok, makes sense now.” BUMZU and Bizzy make a good pair for this song with Bizzy’s rapping and BUMZU’s singing.
Kevin (ZE:A) came out with Collection and it sounds like the song that would be released if Jay Park and Crush had a child and that kid was given singing lessons by Zion T. and Kisum’s child that’s honestly the best description of this song that I know. The song has a style filled with swagger (yes people still say swagger…I think, I’m not old)
*Song found on YouTuber page “KYU_MUMBLESTASH16”
Louie (Geeks) released “On the Four Lane Road” ft Sungjae and for me, this is a smooth sounding song that also comes off as powerful (Sorry UP10TION) but there’s not many raps that don’t have power and presence in them.
Kim BumSoo released Pain Poem through SM Station and this week is just the week for sad sounding solo artists isn’t it? The feeling is enhanced a lot by the guitar’s slow melody and obviously Kim BumSoo’s voice while we forget about the MV for this one.
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