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One day I was working late and when I was done in headed home. in the way Hongbin called me. He wanted to know on what I was doing this weekend. I told him that I had the whole weekend off and that I was going to do nothing. "How about you join me and the rest of the guys for a short vacation?" he asked me. "Sure I'll go but I'm doing nothing but reading." I told him. he laughed and said ok and told me he would call me back about the trip.
When the day arrived to go on vacation Hongbin and the boys came and picked me up. we were going to Jeju island. A place that I had always wanted to go but didn't have the time too. Hongbin handed me my plane ticket and told me not to worry about spending anything. I looked at him confused. "I'm paying for the whole trip. Just for you and me. the others will have to pay if they want anything." He told me and was hit by Leo who was upset even though he didn't show it.
When we arrived at the airport N was my seat partner. He let me sit by the window and when we took off he was passing me notes saying that he wanted to spend some alone time with me. I blushed thinking that he was trying to romance me into liking him. I wrote back to him telling him as long and we spend time as friends. I loved N but I only saw him as a brother that I could as was go to when I needed something.
I was so tired when the plane landed and taking forever to get to the hotel. Hongbin paid for my room and his but he got himself a room just for him. When we all checked in Ken followed me into the same room. I looked at him thinking he needed something. "Somehow they placed me in the same room as you. Good thing you got a room that was a suite with two rooms." He explained and then walked into one of the rooms.
After was all settled N wanted to walk on the beach with me. I changed into shorts and made sure I had a jacket to wear if it got cold. while we were walking on the beach N grew silent. "I have something to confess." He told me as he stopped walking. "What's up?" afraid that he was going to confess to me. I was afraid to turn him down. There was someone that I already liked but he didn't know. "There is someone that I like and I don't know how to confess to her. She is a idol like me and you know how it is when the press find out someone is dating." "right." "I was wondering as a good friend of mine to help with this?" giving me his puppy eyes. "I would love to help you." I told him and he looked like the weight was off his shoulders. we continue to walk and he told me who it was and how he started to like her.
After my walk with N I arrive back to my room. Just when I was about to sit down and read my book there was a knock at my door. Ken wasn't here to answer so I got up and when to the door. when I opened it Leo was standing there looking really good in jeans and a black dress shirt. "oppa what's up?" I asked him. "Would you like to have dinner with me?" he asked in his quiet voice that I grew a custom over the years of knowing him. "sure just let me get my shoes on." I told him and left the door opened for him to enter. I was still in my outfit from walking in the beach. I went into my room and found a better do shirt to wear that was suitable for dinner. after changing and putting my shoes on Leo grabbed my hand and we walked to dinner. Leo I had a special bond but it wasn't a romantic one. He and I at one point confessed but it never went anywhere. Where we arrived at the restaurant he told me to a table that was on the deck. Candles, flowers the whole nine yards. I looked at himself with a questioning look. "It's the date we never had. I know that we both have changed but I just want to experience this just once." He told me while giving me one of his sweet smiles. I kissed him on his cheek and we sat and had dinner.
The next day I sat outside on the balcony reading my book. While I reading something but my head. I looked up to N and Ravi. "let's got to the beach." They both said at the same time. I smiled and told then I would met them in the lobby. Grabbing me stuff for the beach and when ni made it down stars we all went to the beach. When we found a spot I sat down and opened my book back up. before I could read one sentence N and Ravi grabbed my arms and legs. "Don't even think about-" before I could finish it was tossed into the ocean. when I stood up and recovered I chased after them.
N, Ravi, and I stayed at the beach all day and the rest if the members joined. we all agreed to make a bonfire. we sat there and told stories along with playing some games. we played truth or dare. when it was Hyuks turn he picked dare. "I dare you to confess to the person you like." Ken told him. Hyuk grew nervous but he stood up and walked over to me. "Noona......I like you." He confessed and then kissed me before I could tell him that I didn't return his feelings. I felt Ravi and Leo both stiffen next to me as Hyuk kissed me. Hyuk walked away embarrassed at what he just did. I chased after him to explain to him that there was some else that I liked. He told me that he knew but he wanted to tell to get rid of the one sided feelings.
Hyuk walked away telling me he was ok and that he was tired. I walked back to where the bonfire was. I felt bad and wasn't feeling of having fun. Ravi walked up to me meeting me half way. "You ok?" he asked me. I nodded afraid to speak. Ravi wrapped his arms around me and we stood there. "I sure a few if the members have ever confess to you but I wanted to tell you that I have liked you since I met you. I'm sure that you don't have feeling for but I wanted to tell you." "Ravi you are the one that I like and I wanted to tell you but in just a normal girl who can't date am idol." Ravi kissed me and then told me I wasn't just a normal girl. I was his.
Omg I loved it! And Your story!! Thank you for playing!!
@AimeeH no problem. I love the try and put a story with these games. plus I love playing these games