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so there we are buying our merch. AND SHE GETS THE HIGH TOUCH STICKER
HER UKTIMATE BUAS IS BYG!!!! OMG SHE GETS TO TOUCH HIM. Im filled with envy but im so excited for her. 언니 please don't die of a heart attack.
@BrennaTran thanks me to my biggest screw up was coming up on Zelo and saying "My God your fking tall" and then saying sorry,but I got a good reaction he SQUINKED!! UGH IT WAS ADORABLE!!
@lunacordero well at least she is talking to you now. she will eventually get over it i hope. :) but im super happy you got to meet them
@BrennaTran yea she spoke to me today but it wasn't like it used to be. she seems a bit begrudged and upset cause I didn't give her my Hi-touch op
@lunacordero she hasn't talked to you? :( I'm sorry
that happened to me.....I bought the album on a whim and so did my friend she didn't get hers but I got it on mine and high fives them. and I don't know how to feel afterwards cause she hasn't really talked to me since....?
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