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The day has come for my makeup challenge ! shout out to @marshalledgar @tessStevens @hikaymm & @jordanhamilton for motivating me . I will put pic categorized by brand. swipe to left for the exact colors of pic or I will write it in parentheses ! here we go !
Meet Matte hughes love these matte liquid lipsticks. Taste minty and feels like! (colors to left; charming, commuted & adoring) charming is my fave!!!
My biggest collection and current faves ! Colourpop. Love the ultra mattes. Also own lippies sticks and Ultra satins. Current faves : stingraye, lumiere 2, & tulle.
Mac. I first discovered my lip obsession with Mac so do have plenty of them plus love the way they smell . Current faves faux, please me, & rebel .
Mac Creme sheen. love these on windy days or whenever I want extra moist and that gloss.
Basic drugstore lipsticks . fave are mauve it up & maybelline cranberry . The ones on edges .
My only Anastasia gloss. Not so excited about these so didn't buy any more !
Lip crayons, love the nyc one . smells like cherry and feels great . this is the one I always keep in my backpack !
Lip pencils . Love all of these. They are perfection !
What would life be without chapstick. personal fave baby lips dr rescue. feels tingly and fresh !
Too Faced. Barely experimenting with these. excited to try their new mattes!
The perfect nude !
Minty gloss from bath and body works. love how fresh it feels.
ulta basically berry . love the color hate how it smears.
Brand new but excited to experiment with nyx .
Lancome. love the color . still haven't tried it lol .
Bareminerals brand new. got it as bday gift but still haven't used it !
Pacífica, still excited to experiment with these. brand new.
Hope you enjoyed this. Let me know if you have questions . & I challenge you to post a card as well .
@hikaymm lol I feel. I love getting recommendations before going to the store to try them out.
@hikaymm omg tough tough lol .from matte hughes charming. colourpop I'd say rn lumiere 2 & sting raye. mac lipstick plumful and faux.
Yasss omg thank you for sharing!!!! I have so many colors to check out now since we're practically lip color twinnies lol. what would you say is your absolute favorite of all of these?!
@MyAffairWith definitely will try em out this week for you
@cindystran thank you. yes they're great @
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