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Annyeong guys, I apologize for not being on much this I have just really been off and stuff like that so I apologize for that, but thank you guys for being patient and stuff with me! I love you guys! I thought today I would share the oneshot that I already owned you guys! Hope you enjoy it, let me know what you guys think! P.S. look at how cute BamBam looks in the Skin photoshoot. So cute and smiley :)
*BamBam and the reader* You sit at your desk writing down the answer to some stupid math problem. You sigh rubbing your forehead , finals will surely be the death of you. You sigh again and are about to start another problem when you hear a knock at your dorm room door. You quickly go and look through the peephole seeing your boyfriend ,BamBam ,standing outside the door. You quickly open the door and you find yourself in a pair of lean arms. I missed you so much" he says planting a small kiss on your nose. You roll your eyes but smile and kiss him on cheek reminding him that you two have just seen one another less than an hour ago. "That was too long ago for me ,plus I wanted to come save you from stressing" he says pecking your on the lips. You smile and look away blushing. He is so ridiculous sometimes but you love him. "So how are you planning on saving me? " you ask feeling a little excited to see what he has in store . He leans down and kisses your lips again and smirks. "You"ll see"
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@XionHeart lol yea ikr and @mbg3t thanks Jacks
@AaliyahNewbell you're welcome 😊
I love it Markie.