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Hello my Mercs with Mouths, my Winchester family, my Gamer peeps and everyone that falls in between. So I been away for a bit, doing that adulting crap. You know pay bills, help your aging mother and your aging self. Anyway while I was gone, I was spending time with myself to get my head into the game. A few weeks ago I was told about a possible problem with my heart and the circulation inside my body. So, I have to get a couple of test done and see what is going on with my ever changing body. I did test the waters by checking out working. It's has been okay since I am on light duty and I am not running full hours at the moment. This allows my body to rest, which these days it has been needing alot of. I been going to sleep at sometimes 9pm and that's extra early for me. I have been gaming when I can, I have a gift to throw out to the gaming community in a bit. I also been reading Anita Blake Vampire Hunter, it's a comic based off a book. Anita Blake falls under the Marvel family, which I love her.. Her and Blade would go hand in hand.. With some Dr Strange. But I highly doubt her character would get any play on that side of the Marvel Universe.
Other than that I have absolutely the Sam move going on. So it's time to sort out and get back together with you guys and work on myself as well. Xoxo L A
<3 <3 <3 it's been years since I read those books but I liked them a lot! I had no idea they made a comic I have to find that now
:3 Ima bite my lip so I don't spoil anything too much, but...Nathaniel...grrrr!
@BeannachtOraibh not as of yet, I am trying to finish out the comic and hop into the books. I'm digging this Vampire Jean Claude lol.
It's good to hear from you! Sending love and support, hoping the best for you! Have you read the Laurel K. Hamilton book series about Anita Blake?
@shannonl5 I was all in top of that when the comics came out...metaphorically, of course...