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Hey everybody! I'm here today spreading the word for one @BlackoutZJ and his absolutely well written fan fiction entitled The Bionic Magic King! I believe I have successfully posted the link above that should get you to the collection, if that doesn't work however if you go to his page and look through his collections you'll see it there, I am also following it so you should be able to find it in my collections. He has the first three chapters up, as well as some random stories and images of the different characters. We follow Zakku, an original character created by blackout, who is a young soldier with special abilities and powers. I don't want to give much away, but we will follow his adventures in battle and love, as he grows to accept his destiny and also, accepts who he is as a nurturing caretaker. Zakku will be adopting different girlies from different anime he rescues, and also will be forging unique and interesting bonds with girls in our harem masters' personal harem from all across the animeverse! I just want everyone to know about it and give it a read, it's actually quite fantastic and ive been enjoying it thoroughly and I think you all will too! I got the feels guys and if i get the feels, we are talking about good stories. Maybe harem isn't your thing, maybe your not into fan fiction but I wasn't particularly either but as I said, blackout has worked hard and written quite a moving and entertaining story! Give it a chance and you might be surprised! Let me know what yall thought and I know blackout would appreciate any advice, constructive critique, or ideas as well! BTW!!!! Totally read the chapter 1-3 before reading his extra content, it makes the extra content more applicable and enjoyable!
@KHUniverse The Story does Take place in a Crossover world between Black Bullet and Trinity Seven 😆
that was some of his influence, the image I think is from Trinity Seven. @KHUniverse
that looks alot like trinity seven
@KHUniverse you should, entertaining good stuff. if you've seen T7 you'll probably like it more so. I haven't seen it so I don't like know who the characters are which is cool in its own right
oh okay and no i havent
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