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*Bing!* It was your phone, you weren't in the mood for anything, so you ignored it. *Bing! Bing! Bing!* "stoooop~" you whined while you covered your face with your pillows. *Bing! Bing! Bing! Bing! Bing!* "ahh, seriously." you picked up your phone to see why it kept on bothering you. You opened your messages to find 35 messages from your friend. "Where are you?" "will you stop already?" "Why do you always stay inside your house? ." "can you stop being like this?" "I'm going to spam you until you respond." "get out of bed!" "I'm going to your house right now!" "be ready in a few." and so much more texts. "I swear to God Lee Seungmin" you said under your breath, "okay" You weren't in the mood for anything and if you stayed home she would show up and take you out, so you decided to go outside and walk around the park ditching Seungmins' plans. "why~ does it have to be so sunny¿?" you whined as you closed the door to your apartment and started walking down the stairs. The park used to be one of your favorite places ever because your parents used to take you there to play, but now that you're older and they have out of the country jobs there usually no more time for you to spend with them, at all. That was the reason why you never went outside, because it all reminded you of the past, and you hated it. You walked around the park aimlessly looking at the children with giant grins plastered to their faces, happy parents and lovely old and young couples. "Oh my God!" "ouch!" You had walked into someone, a boy, older than you wearing circled glasses and black hair styled perfectly. "I'm so sorry sir." you said, "oh no, it's totally fine!" he said with a big smile, suddenly he wrapped his arms around you. Your breathing hitched because this is a STRANGER and he is HUGGING you but he is also very HANDSOME and OLDER than you!! After a couple of silenced minutes he says, "You looked as if you weren't having a good day. I'm sorry if I startled you. I'm Hoseok, by the way" the handsome older stranger said, as he extended his hand for you to shake, "I'm (y/n) and yeah, I sort of am having a bad day." "Wanna talk about it?" he asks. "Um,I don't know if I should talk to a random stranger about it." you said grinning. "I'm not a random stranger! you know my name, I know yours. Maybe we should get to know each others number?" he asked scratching the back of his neck. You smiled, "aren't you like too old?" he looked offended for a minute, "Noo~ I'm 22!" he smiled at you. He isn't that old after all, still older than you, "I'm 19... I'm about to be 20 thought, in two months." you said smiling at the taller figure or Hoseok. "ok then, call me oppa. Will you talk to your Hoseok oppa about your bad day? (y/n)ie? " he says as he intertwines your fingers. "Sure. So it all started..." And just like that you fell for the happiest person in the world and he made you the second happiest person in the world, just because you had him and he had you.
I HAVEN'T UPDATED IN SO LONG BUT I AM REALLY SATISFIED WITH THIS THANKS FOR READING I HOPE YOU ENJOYED IT ⇩⇩tagged readers ⇩⇩ - @LysetteMartinez - @CuteBabyLay - @CrystalGuerra ⇨⇨⇨I'm sorry for taking a million years on updating I've been really lazy plus exams and sleep sorry.
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