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I got Jstars Victory!!
Just imagine smash bros, with anime characters. That is the glory of J-Stars.
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I have been wanting this for a LONG time!!!
a year ago·Reply
It's super trash on PS3
a year ago·Reply
i need this....i might die
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I have it for the ps4
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THIS GAME IS AMAZING. I just got done playing for awhile and lemmie say this, it beat my expectations. Imagine this: Fighting Gintoki and Vegeta with Luffy and Hancock PLUS Ace/or Seiya as an assist! Gintoki even calls 'Crazy Diamond' when Hancock calls him a 'Stand!' The gameplay is also open world- All the battles are insane! I faced Killua in one, and he used KIZUNA. FREAKING KIZUNA!! AND TSUNA. He used x burner!! Its amazing, and I was going crazy (and still am) while playing. Definitely worth the money!
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