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The two top stars have been spot at the same apartment complex several times for the past few months. According to Dispatch, they started dating since August last year. Allkpop reports it too: Won Bin and Lee Na Young were caught at the same location 8 times over the month and their dates were often of 1-night-2-days in length. The two allegedly got to know each other starting in 2011 when Lee Na Young moved agencies to become housed under the same label as Won Bin. "Won Bin and Lee Na Young have the same stylist. Through their stylist, they were able to naturally meet one another... They started to develop feelings for one another and as far as I know, they started to meet with each other more seriously starting in August of last year," said a source close to the couple. -- I literally had to steady my breath for ten minutes when seeing the headline before I could read on. Of all people, WON BIN? This must the the first love scandal that he has even gotten into... Now I hate it when stars' private lives get exposed... yet at the same time I've always been curious about Won Bin's love life. So, a bow (or maybe a kick in the gut?) to Dispatch for discovering it. After I get pass the crying of my inner fangirl self, I think they look good together! Both are top stars and widely recognized for their acting. On a side note, Lee Na Young used to date Bae Yong Joon before so I would be lying to say I'm not jealous with her. Heh. Anyway, all the best to the couple!
he can do better.
they look good together..
@chasinghapiness @winterlovesong. whoa y'all are so right..its jus rude that won bin wasn't getting none..he is too sexy to be single...and I love nayoung.. but remind me wat show did I see her in again?
@chasinghapiness @winterlovesong So there is some truth in the drama The Greatest Love.
@chasinhapiness I know right girl... I'm so conflicted about this news. But Na Young is a really good actress too and she has lotsa respect so I don't think the backlash is gonna be that huge
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