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This ship kills me. I swear. I don't ship much, and I'm in a lot of fandoms, and I only have three otps and three side ships, so yoonjin as an otp is rare and they must've done something to me This is like my leg day card, just random pics in no particular order of the subject. pls enjoy!
Jin is my bias currently falling in love with this ship made yoongi go higher on my bias list which is good.
just them being near each other is enough for me tbh
(my fav one in this set is the one where jins about to eat sugas food)
Most of the yoonjin pics are either feat. jungkook or feat. hoseok. Like very occasionally namjoon and jimin but mostly jungkook and hoseok. lately, taejin has been....slow, you won't see much pics of only taehyung and jin nowadays
the last gif looks like they're holding hands, but idk. I'm just a delusional shipper don't mind me.
ask if you want to be tagged in later cards! pls check out my leg day cards! You'll see it as soon as you go my profile, so don't worry about not finding it.
my new ship to add to my Armada
My favorite OTP!!!!
I love this ship soooo much 馃挅
so cute
honest truth I did ship them at one point because I saw how Jin was the only who can Control Suga and get him to not give Jin sass like serious Suga obeys jin