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BTS' Experiment Collection
Namjoon's pov
"Sheesh, you sure that you didn't kill him with that stuff?"
"Yeah, I'm sure. It was the same amount as the one we used on y/n."
Y/N?! I was half conscious but didn't have the strength to move. I could only hear a few people talk nearby.
"Y/N, you only have a few hours. If you want to, you can just fight us and run."
"Why would I do that?" A voice, it was y/n! "Why would I abandon him to you guys?"
"To save yourself? He might be strong enough to get out of here by himself...or not."
"Anyways," a new voice said, "rules are we have to get you back today. You could try to carry him but you're already exhausted as is."
"Namjoon..." Y/N shook my shoulder and I tried to open my eyes. "Namjoon! Wake up! We need to go home!" I finally willed my eyes to open and my arms and legs to move too. Y/N's face lit up and she hugged me very tightly. "You aren't dead!"
I laughed quietly. "So, what were they saying about fighting them and getting out of here?" Y/N helped me up and I looked at the four men in front of me.
"Just fight us then get back to the Big Hit building, simple." One of them took two bottles of water out of a nearby refrigerator and tossed them at us. "You'll need your energy since we're a bit far from your company building." Y/N took a gulp of her water then put it in her bag.
"I guess we have to knock you out?" Y/N rolled up her sleeves and looked at each of them. The one who looked like the leader nodded and got into position. "Go." I ran up to the first two and grabbed them by their throats and slammed their backs into the wall. Y/N had somehow reached the tallest guy's head and used the other person's shoulder to hit the head off of. The two I was dealing with passed out and one had a small line of blood coming from his mouth. I checked their pulses to make sure I didn't kill them. Luckily, they both had a pulse. When I looked at y/n, both of the people she was dealing with were on the ground holding their heads.
"You okay?" That was all I could say. She nodded her head and grabbed her bag. "So..."
"If you're wondering if those were the facility guys, they were. You won't be getting in trouble." She ran our of the room and I followed her. She almost seemed like she knew her way around the area we were in, but I didn't ask. We opened a door and were greeted by the narrow walls of an alley. We went to the open street to see where we were.
"This way. Maybe we'll run into the other members along the way." Y/N ran past me and down the sidewalk towards the building. She stopped at the intersection and turned back.
"You're so slow!" She looked down the street until I reached her then started running down the street again. "Ha! Catch me if you can!" She started running backwards then tripped over something. I stopped walking at my leisurely pace and rushed up to her. She was getting up slowly but then ran off again. "Ha! You thought!" I ran as fast as I could to catch up to her. Eventually, I passed her and looked back at her struggling to catch up. I was still running as I crashed into someone.
"Aya! That hurt!" I opened my eyes and saw Jin below me trying to get out. "Namjoon!" He stopped struggling and wrapped his arms around me. We were still lying on the sidewalk at this point. The other members hugged y/n and asked about her experience.
"So where the heck were you two? You weren't taken to the same place as us, that's for sure." Yoongi helped Jin up as Jungkook helped me.
"We were taken to some building and we beat up four guys there and ran out. They told us to, don't worry." Y/N took a sip from her water bottle. "Where were you guys?"
Taehyung was the first to answer. "We woke up in the storage room of a cafe. We were told that we couldn't call the police. They said that they were from the facility, so I guess it was less horrible. They said that you two would be returned in an hour or two."
Jimin jumped into the conversation. "WE WAITED ALMOST THREE AND A HALF HOURS!!!"
"Jimin, calm down. They're okay now so don't act so dramatic." Jungkook calmed down Jimin as Jin led us back to the Big Hit building.
Sorry for the wait everyone! I wanted to finish up this chapter before publishing it here. I know, Namjoon's parts are a bit flat. I don't know why but he's just not on my list. Well, everyone will have their opinions, right? You all could help me with my situation with Namjoon. I will take suggestions for any member or maybe a situation, whatever is fine. I'm sure you're all curious about some things that may not have explained yet, so feel free to ask questions. M'kay, bye~
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