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BTS' Experiment Collection
Hoseok's pov
"Get her up. We can't have a dead girl on our hands."
"Hoseok...what about him?"
"We might have better luck with him. Wake him up." Footsteps came closer then I was yanked up from my unconscious position. "Boy, wake up." I tried to open my eyes or move but I couldn't. "They both might be dead."
"Don't say that!" The chain that was previously on my arm was unlocked and it sounded like another chain across the room was unlocked as well. "Grab Hoseok and you, bring y/n down to the medics. Maybe they lost more blood than we thought. I'll get someone to get in here and clean up the blood. Now GO!" Someone who felt very strong picked me up and went down what was probably stairs.
"Yo, he wants us to make sure they aren't dead. You know how important these ones are to him, especially the boy here." I was place on a bed and someone started poking me with things.
The medic sighed, "He's okay but his jaw is a little dislocated."
"Tell me which way to set it." Then...pain. It shot through the entirety of my jaw and it felt like I had gotten punched again. "There, he's good now?"
"Yep, now he just needs to wake up." The medic got up and walked to the other side of the room.
"Agh..." I think it was another medic. "Y/N~, you lost a lot of blood, really. Did her chain have a spike in it or something?"
"I'll go check." One of the men that was in the room already left to check.
"Luckily, she doesn't need blood, she's just going to be a little tired when she wakes up."
"There was a part of the metal that was split inwards and it was covered in blood. Him hitting her probably made her loose blood from a nosebleed or something."
"Hoseok should be waking up soon." At that very moment the medic said that, my body willed itself to move and I started moving. "I'm magical, see?" The bright lights blinded me, which was the first thing I saw. There were two medics and the two men that carried me and y/n here from upstairs.
"Hoseok!" 'Y/N's' medic rushed up to me. "Y/N! She's n-"
"I heard it all." I said as tough as I could then walked up to y/n. I listened to her breathing then giggled. She wasn't unconscious, she was just sleeping. "Y/N!" I shook her shoulder and tapped her forehead. "Ya! Wake up already! I'm lonely!"
"Ho...eok..." Y/N mumbled and sleepily opened her eyes. "Hoseok~" I helped her sit upright but her head lolled around. "Hoseok, I'm feeling lightheaded." I nodded and looked at the medics but they just shrugged.
"So, what was that that you were saying yesterday about 'selling' us?" I looked at the men that brought us downstairs.
"Yesterday?" One of them said. "That was a few hours ago."
The other one spoke. "We aren't really going to sell you to some random creeps."
"We're from the facility anyways, selling you off would be bad not only for you, but for us too!"
"So, can we go?" I pointed towards the door. They shrugged then nodded to us.
"We were supposed to fight you but you wouldn't be able to last long with your conditions." The medic cleaned up the area and some blood spots. "Y/N, we need to get
some bandages on you so you don't bleed to death." The other medic wrapped white bandage around the place where the metal cut her.
"Your band mates know that your in captivity with us. They were told that they couldn't get official help so who knows what they're doing now." The man then walked out of the room to probably do more important things.
The man remaining there sat on one of the chairs in the corner. "Now, to get out of here..." He told us what street and the general area we were at. "I believe you can get back by yourselves." He smiled then walked out of the room. Now it was just y/n, me, and the two medics.
"Y/N, do you need any help?" The medic held his hand out for her but I picked her up off of the bed before she could even think about taking his hand. "Okay, well I hope you stay safe from now on." He sat back and stared at the wall.
"Can you walk y/n?" I placed her down on her feet but she almost fell when she tried to walk. "You're probably still a little dizzy from loosing some blood." I had this great idea and bent down in front of her. "Get on my back. I'll get you back by carrying you." She hopped on without question. I nodded and walked out of the room and down the hall.
"You!" A very tough looking man stopped us as we were walking down the hall trying to find our way out. I froze then looked up at him. "You're Hoseok, right?" I nodded nervously. The man started to squeal like how some fans do. "I am a HUGE fan of yours! Ah! Y/N picked you?" I nodded and wondered how he knew. "I see you are hurt so I won't delay you any longer." He stepped to the side and let us by.
"He's a fan?" Y/N giggled and rested her chin on my shoulder. We finally made it outside and I walked to where I believed was the fastest way back to the Big Hit building. "Hey." Y/N suddenly spoke up.
"What is it?" I stopped walking.
"That looks like Jin and Namjoon down there." I looked down the street she was indicating and saw some of the others emerge from other places.
"YO!" I ran as fast as I could and stopped in front of them.
"HYUNG!!!" Jimin hugged me as best as he could. "Oh, y/n?"
"Hello~" She sleepily waved to them.
"How long have you been carrying her?" Jin stared at y/n.
"Maybe a half an hour, maybe more." I didn't want to tell them that she was starting to hurt my back.
"Y/N~" Jungkook rubbed her head and looked at her like she's a little puppy. "Do you want to me to carry you instead of Hoseok? He looks tired."
"I'm fine Kookie! I just look more tired than I am cause we got beat up." I gave a reassuring smile to them.
"Did she get beat up too?" Yoongi pointed at the bandage.
"A chain they used had a piece sticking out and it cut her badly. That's part of the reason I'm carrying her." I looked back at her and smiled.
"We were told that they were the facility but I didn't think they would physically hurt you." Jimin ruffled my hair then y/n's.
"Let's get back. Good thing you two came back when you did or we would've missed you." Jin turned to leave and we followed him. "We've been coming out every hour and searching for half an hour then going back." The rest said their comments of relief then we talked about our individual adventures today.
How are you all liking the story? Wait, you wouldn't read this if you didn't like it. Kay, stupid question (not really). It's not that I don't want to hear your feedback, but, wait...I don't know where I was going with that. Anyways, I wanna hear your thoughts on what the story could have in it. I'm up for whatever. Any question, if any, are welcome. M'kay, bye~
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