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Yoongi's Pov
I came back to my senses and I couldn't move or see because I was tied up and my mouth was muffled. "So, what do we do now?" It sounded like one of the men from the street was walking in circles around the room. "I don't want to harass her." The person I think was the leader spoke up.
"We need him to come in here when they wake up. She gets too nervous in unfamiliar cases like this so we have to make sure that she knows." It sounded like he was walking closer to me. "Do you think he'll be able to?"
"Y/N~" Another one of the men from the street cooed nearby. "I only punched you once or twice, you can't be dead or even completely knocked out, can you?" I heard a lot of shuffling beside me. "There, now you can see and speak, even move around." He laughed softly.
"What about this one? What do we do about him?" Another man approached me and stopped in front of me. "I guess we need to start now, I'll let him see." The blindfold came off of my face and I was instantly blinded by the lights of the room. I started looking for y/n but she was already beside me.
"Yoongi! Are you okay?" She gave me a tight hug and side eyed the men in the room. She then whispered, "I don't think they're actual street thugs, they might be from the facility. They have the feeling of the facility on them." I nodded and let her go.
"You two done talking?" The 'leader' came up to us then look down at us sitting of the floor. "Come on, girl" He dragged y/n up by her arm and it looked like he was being rough. "Sit here for a bit." Then he left the room. I was going to run up to y/n but the other men in the room held me down on the floor and two of them stood beside y/n on either side.
"Hey!" Y/N stood up but was pushed back down. "What...?" One of the men beside her pushed her head to the side with his finger and looked slightly displeased. "Are...are you guys from-"
"The facility?" The 'leader' came into the room with a man in nice clothes. "We are from the facility. We aren't going to be doing any of 'that' stuff, if that is what you were thinking. That was just a threat." The man in nice clothes walked to the center of the room.
"These are your phones. You may retrieve them after you have escaped." He set both mine and y/n's phones on the side table then walked up to y/n. "You're going to have to actually fight today." He then started towards the door but then turned to me. "Don't worry about what your friends are doing. They know that we have you. We called them, that's why we had your phones." He smirked at me then continued to talk. "They aren't allowed to call the police for this particular situation."
"But-" I started to stand but, again, I was held down. "The rules said that the officials could help."
"Yes..." He stroked his chin and laughed sarcastically. "Well, this is a special occasion. We're going to have to edit the rules a bit. I'll get that to them later." He turned back to the door. "Now, we're only suppose to take one evening for this. When or if you get out of here, you can easily find your way back to the Big Hit building. Your friends should be waiting for you." Then he left the room and then it was just me, y/n, and the street thugs sent by the facility.
"We're supposed to stop you from escaping by fighting you. Winner gets to leave here, loser must stay." The 'leader' and the others lined up on one side of the room and y/n and I stood against the other. "I hate this idea too, but I trust that y/n can save her own back against at least three of us." All of us got into position and I decided that y/n and I needed an actual plan.
"Y/N," I whispered. "Just fight off anyone who comes towards you. If you need any help, just yell for me." She smirked slightly.
"You might be calling for me." She patted my arm and smiled. "I've had more training than you, don't worry about me. Just focus on not getting yourself killed from worrying about me." Suddenly, the men on the other side ran towards us. The meters between us closed in seconds. Without thinking, I punched one of them in the face then ran behind them all.
The next few minutes were a blur to me. I punched anyone who came up to me or swung at me. I pinned one man down and knocked him out and another pulled him away to the edge of the room. Unfortunately, y/n and I also got beat up pretty bad. I got punched in the stomach which made me keel over which led to my head getting hit. Y/N was doing better at me than fighting but she still got beat up quite a lot. She had a small line of blood flowing from her mouth and some blood on her finders. That was probably from fighting.
All of them but the 'leader' was against the wall semi-unconscious or too beat up to move. I must say, I surprised myself, but it was probably y/n who beat up most of them. Maybe they were going easy since this is my first fight. The 'leader' was already beat up but still looked like he had enough energy to knock both me and y/n out. Instead of trying to fight us, he simply sat beside the semi-unconscious man on the wall.
It looked like he had given up so I grabbed y/n's wrist and grabbed our phones and ran out the only door. It looked like there was only one way to go so I went down the hall. It took awhile, but we got out of the building and out onto an abandoned street. I knew the relative location of this street and knew that it was somewhat close to the Big Hit building. I tugged on y/n's wrist and walked down the street. I could tell that she didn't have enough energy to run so I just walked slowly and tried to match her pace.
We were walking down a street with not many people which was really quiet at the time. At some point I heard a voice that sounded like Namjoon's but disregarded as me hallucinating from exhaustion. I heard my name being called from a street down a few times, then y/n's. I was certain about it and so was y/n. We ran across the street and towards their voices. When it sounded like they were very close, I called out their names. Then I heard lots of screaming.
I turned the corner and was met by a screaming Hoseok and a now screaming Taehyung. Then they all started screaming with excitement from seeing me and y/n. They all gave us hugs and told us what happened to them. As we walked back, we told them about our side of the story.
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