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Jin's pov
"He's really handsome. It's a shame, really. Ah~" I woke up with the cloth bag on my head, mouth covered shut, and hands tied. This was definitely a hostage situation, and I was the hostage. Y/N. I didn't know where she was but heard her grunt nearby. We were still in the van, I think. I tried to move somewhat closer to y/n, but I was stopped when I was probably halfway to her. "Awake?" The bag was ripped off my head and three people were staring at me.
Y/N? She was leaning to the side with the bag off of her head and it looked like she was asleep. I tried to say something but the cloth over my mouth stopped me. The van jolted and y/n woke up. At first she looked confused but then when she realized what was going on, she curled up, scared. She noticed me sitting a meter away from her and started moving towards me. One of the men dragged her back to the side of the van and another took me to the side across from her.
"Just sit tight until we get there." One of the men sat at the back of the van and rested his head on his hand. "Since you two are awake, I should explain what's going on. This isn't your typical hostage situation, as you'd expect. We're about...hmm...two hours? Yeah, two hours from where we picked you two up." He crawled across the floor of the van to the other side where the other two men were sitting. "Pass me the bottle." One of the other men passed him a bottle of what I believed was alcohol. "Tell them what's going on." He pointed to the man who passed him the alcohol.
"'re not going to trade you for something or use you to get money. We're on a mission from Ey!" The alcohol drinker smacked the man in the back of the head. "Er...we're from where you are from, y/n." At first I didn't know what he meant but then I realized he must've been talking about the facility. "If you're thinking that I'm talking about the facility, then you'd be correct." He pointed to the man on the other side of the alcohol drinker.
"Well, I guess you can know our mission this time since this is your first time in a situation like this." This man sounded more confident than the other man. "We're supposed to take you away from the rest of the members, as in y/n and the person she picks, and knock you out. After that we are to take you to a specified place that the facility sends us to and have you fight us to get back with the members." He nodded and looked at the man beside him drinking alcohol.
"Me?" It looked like he drank all that was in the bottle. He placed the bottle in a box in the front and turned to us. "We won't be the ones fighting you, we're just the catchers. Some other people will deal with you two and you two have to seriously fight. Remember that you can really hurt them, so don't be scared." He looked directly at me then turned his gaze elsewhere. "After that you must find your way back to the others. End." The van then stopped and the men stood up. "Stand if you can." They helped me and y/n to stand on our feet and to the back doors.
The doors opened and there were four people completely covered and the only thing that showed was their eyes and hands. "Jin, huh? Good choice, y/n." One of them helped y/n out of the van and patted her arm. "You're a lucky guy, Jin. She's good in more than one way." The person, I couldn't tell if it was a man or a woman, helped me out of the van. The men that were in the van shut the doors to the van while they were still inside and the van drove off.
"Release." One of them said and the other three began cutting the ropes and taking the cloth off of our mouths. After we had been freed, the person spoke. "You must fight us then return to the rest of Bangtan. This mission is to be cleared before sunset." The person spoke very stiffly. Y/N shuffled over to me and gestured for me to bend down to her height to hear her.
"I think this person was an officer since he's speaking like one." She whispered. She looked at each of the covered men and back to me. "They don't appear to have weapons on them." She then turned to them. "So, let's start! We have to fight seriously, right?" She raised her eyebrow at them and smirked.
"Attack formation square, battle mode." The 'officer', as y/n called him, moved around and so did the other people. Just as the formation name said, they were surrounding us in four different places. "Forward." The four of them ran up to us and didn't hesitate to swing. I was too shocked to realize what was going on and got punched in the jaw.
"Jin!" Y/N held my shoulders and made me face her. "Fight seriously!" She turned me back around and she punched one of them in the throat. I realized that they probably didn't have much protection and it was all cloth. I took the feet out from under one of them which made them hit their head off the dirt ground. I continued to fight beside y/n until they had all retreated to the nearby warehouse.
"So, how was I?" I smiled at y/n as she turned to me. Her face was a little bloody but didn't look that bad. She hugged me then looked up at me with a smile. "The princess CAN protect herself."
She turned around to the road that hopefully led back to Seoul. "It's almost eight. We need to head back." She walked towards the road but I ran in front of her.
"We don't even know where we are! We could get even more lost!" I looked around at the area then back at her not-so-concerned face. "They said that we're two hours away from where they took us!" I ran my fingers through my hair and sighed.
"We're not two hours away, we're only about half an hour from the outskirts. If we can get there then it'll only be a fifteen minute walk back to the Big Hit building." She continued to walk like she's walked it a thousand times.
"I can spot the business building that is a few streets down from Big Hit." She pointed towards the city. "Over there." Oh...
We walked for half an hour until we reached some familiar street signs. My spirits were higher, so I sped up my walking pace. We passed the ice cream shop that we ate at and looked around.
"Jin~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!" "Y/N~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!" The sound of running footsteps approached us from behind. I turned around and was immediately met with an excited Namjoon and a Hoseok that was bouncing around like crazy. Yoongi tried to hug me but ended up awkwardly hugging Hoseok since Namjoon and Hoseok were hugging me so closely. The others were getting excited about y/n then we all merged together.
"Jin! That model agency woman came back, but you didn't!" Yoongi was clinging to me and swaying slightly.
"When she passed by, she told us that we couldn't call the police!" Taehyung was messing with y/n's hair and patted her head. "Did you know that they were from the facility?"
"We have been looking for the both of you." Jungkook was poking at my bruises. "The woman told us that you two would have to fight some really tough people."
"I was so worried about you!!!" Namjoon hugged me. "You two are okay?"
I sighed and walked towards y/n. I grabbed her wrist and walked towards the Big Hit building without saying anything.
"Hey! Where are you going?" "Are we going back to the building?" "Can you tell us what happened?"
End of Chapter 9!!! This is Part 40! I know it doesn't seem like it, but I guess that just kinda happens, right? Thanks for the love you give this story! I appreciate it a lot. As for the story, things might be...happening. Not just for a member or two, but all of them. Anyways, I want to know some things you all think would help improve the story. I know that there is PLENTY of room for improvement. So, suggestions and feedback is always welcome, as always. Questions are welcome, don't worry. M'kay, bye.
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