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Okay guys, apparently there have been fans releasing idols actual numbers. SHINee's Key made a post about people messaging him. A lot of idols like Ravi, Key, and Hyuk for example are on the list. PLEASE DO NOT MESSAGE THEM. I know its tempting BUT PLEASE RESPECT THEIR PRIVACY AND LEAVE THEM ALONE. REPORT ANYONE POSTING NUMBERS WHETHER ITS FAKE OR NOT. THIS IS GOING TOO FAR SO PLEASE STOP.
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I got so pissed when I saw Key post that. So rude and inconsiderate of these people (i will not call them fans cause they don't respect these idols' privacy) to do this and think nothing of it. You have no right to be calling them or chatting them when THEY didn't give you their info personally. I'd be pissed as f*ck if some random stranger did that to me at an ungodly hour. Idols don't get enough rest as it is and you wanna bug them during what might be their only down time for the day cause you're selfish and want them to answer your stupid questions or just chat? No. Stop it. Use your brain and think about what you're doing.
This is why we CAN'T HAVE ANY NICE THINGS GODDAMMIT! This had happened to alot of idol's parents, with calls and all this crap. If Imma say hi to one of them, it gonna be in person.
I saw this on Instagram just a few seconds ago and it's rude and disrespectful! I can't believe "fans" think it's okay to go into an idol's privacy. They're still human. Their persona info shouldn't be invaded like that.
How fucking rude is that?! Who ever thinks 'hm I should text an idol and bother them and take something SUPER PERSONAL FROM THEM which is their phone number then spread it to thousands of people'?!?!?!?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE.
I swear some fans act like idols are not real people but just items made for them to follow and invade their private lives... I wish the ppl giving out idols numbers would have someone call them into the wee hours of the night and drive them, then when they change numbers do it all over again. It's sad that these things happen and I know ppl will say they signed up for it but who really does?
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