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Currently one of my biggest favorite ways to "raise my vibration" is to stop lowering it by stopping striving to have a higher vibration, and to melt more into PEACE and contentment in my life by being more relaxed/easy going/ PRESENT, conscious in the moment, and again, being more PRESENT with my surroundings and people in the now, but without trying too hard. So it's more of a letting go, rather than a trying to grab and clutch onto something. It's allowing, loving and accepting yourself and others to be the way they/you are, in the moment, and in general. IMO, peace, is better than "happiness" smile smile smile, or anything fraudulent (:P) or forced. But enjoy all these tips too, because they all play a powerful part in their own right. I highly recommend proper nutrition for our depleted bodies over decades of abhorrent eating! (haha but true), LOTS of green leafy vegetables during your day, and LOTS of fruit. Enough sleep, and then you'll be LAUGHING ALOT more, I promise. Love and care, sincerely, Owen.. P.S Please do consider to pass on this message/video if you feel you want to/inspired. Thank you for your precious company and presence with me (and others), here in life.
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This is great. I like anything that encourages a more peaceful and positive life!