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So today iszz B1A4 5th anniversary omgee this might be bit late I was suppose to do this earlier this day but I forgot. I am actually a new BIA4 fan so this card might be lacking at many parts. I just want to congratulate these awesome boys on their 5th anniversary. THANKYOU SO MUCHHH !!
for always making us smile and happy with your awesome music
For all B1A4 fans they actually did many Vlive videos today my boys my oppas were just way too happy today lol
And we are happy to
LOVE B1A4 anticipately waiting for their new comeback.
and I am a proud BANA
and I love these boys many more years to come :) YAYYY <3
So lets start with their songs
First isz Sweet Girl their recent comeback
This song is awesome I actually need a new comeback from these boys.
Then it SOLO Day
This is the song which intorduce me to B1A4 and its just sooo cutte
they all look soo cutte and its such a fun track as well as the MV is just so creative one of my top favorites :).
Then its What Happening
I actually love this track its soo creative the MV
and this song issz just my top favorite.
Then its Beautiful Target
this song isz soo cutte I always go back to it always.
Next is B1A4 I am sorry
Then its also another cute Track
B1A4 Baby Goodngiht
The next is my another favorite
B1A4 Tried to walk
Actually I have so many favorite songs from this band i just love B1A4
B1A4 Lonely
I love love love this song sooo much
Then its the last but not the least
their debut song
I just love B1A4 these boys are so awesome
and I feel as if they are underrated now I understand their are just ways to many bands out their but lets not forgets these great awesome great bands LETS LOVE BIA4 They are awesome and just sooo sweet
Lets all wish them their 5th anniversary check out their music everyone and hope to have another awesome comeback from these boys really soon
B1A4 saranghhae FIGHTINGG :) <3
tagging all my collection followers
let me know if you guys would like to be added or removed in upcoming cards happy weekend all :).
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I love these boys!!!! Goodnight will ALWAYS be one of my favorites.