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It started off as a family full of possible enemies and haters. What happened after even surprised me!! I def enjoyed this anime and I'm sure you will all to NAKAMA!! Rating: 6.44 on IMAL2 I rated this a 7=7.5/10 on IMAL since it's only solid #'s Synopsis- The trade island of Regalo is under the protection of a vigilante, mafia-like organization known as the "Arcana Famiglia". Members that rise through the ranks of the organization are gifted with supernatural powers. They forge contracts with Tarocco, tarot cards based on the Major Arcana, to gain use of these powers, enabling them to deal with all threats to the island. The story of Arcana Famiglia begins with Mondo, the leader of the organization, declaring his retirement. His successor will be determined by the Arcana Duello, a tournament between the various members possessing Arcana powers to see who is the strongest of them all. The winner of the tournament not only succeeds in becoming the head of the family and having a wish granted, but also possesses the right to marry his daughter Felicita. Not willing to accept this, Felicita decides to enter the Arcana Duello herself alongside Liberta, her friend, and Nova, her cousin, intending to win the freedom to forge her own path. Source- IMAL2 app This is an anime that will turn your heads for sure. It may not be the most action packed or intense but none the less it embodies all the genres it carries equally!! Don't let the rating from IMAL2 or me fool you it's a great anime and well worth the watch for all 12 episodes. Maybe if it was 24+ it may be drawn out too much but the 12 episodes is perfect and personally on the watch scale is a 8/10 for all NAKAMA bc it is a different taste in sorts compared to the usual romance/ action/ harem/ Shoujo anime genres!! Realistically it embodies only one or two but yet it does have all 4 characteristics if you actually watch t through!! Anime is life!!