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Hi babies, this is your resident Ken bug. I come today to speak to you, about letting the idols have their privacy.
While It may seem tempting to spread the news about speaking to idols, but please remember they are people too. Yes we love them and yes they should be shown love, but we should let them live. They are alloted time to spend with their families. Sometimes this time is less than what you would deem acceptable, so if you happen to come across any personal information, please refrain from using it. Yes, they might be idols, but they are people first and foremost. We are worried about our loves from the recent incidents of seasangs. Please keep this in mind. ♡♡♡ Read More here Our babies should be allowed their time to spend with families. They do so much for us, and should be allowed to have down time. ♡♡


This makes me so sad. Idols absolutely need their public and personal lives separate from each other. 😞
People just need to leave them alone for 2 seconds. From what I see the idols show their love for us more than we do for them. If we truly are their fans, we should show true love and friendship by giving them what they want or need instead of what we want.
They aren't Gods nor Fantasy creatures(only in the mvs) Just humans and they deserve breaks and spending time with their friends and family.
@EleanorKriegel Exactly. They need to be allowed to live too
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