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Right now you will gain the power if you choose in under 5secs of commenting
Of course my favorite is ice make. (I live in cold state and it's fun to run in winter I feel more alive I even breathe better and I always get sick during summer also people at my school say I'm colder than ice so why not create it from my hands) Since I am cooler than gray and better with ice then he will be who do you think taught Ur . @Thatperson512
Iron Dragon slayer magic
haha yea my foot was red I didn't have shoes then my foot was kinda cold but I bumped it up 7-8 times then like bombed then bruised my foot worth it thou @SAMURXAI
@GabeBagwell damn glad I don't new Mexico is too hot it's like 20° right now I'm north,Dakota haha I'm out playing soccer
I know the feeling @SAMURXAI I live i n new Mexico too
Lightning Dragon Slayer magic duh... I'm all about the lightning and electrical currents
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