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Can we please stop and wait a minute guys...

There have been releasements of idols numbers going around...

No really they're being released online.....

[This is from SHINee Key instagram]

So shall we celebrate??

■□■ NO ■□■

and here's why....

have you guys ever been In a group chat with a couple of people before .....and the messages just keep reeling in...

Imagine that but they're HUNDREDS maybe even THOUSANDS of people messaging you at once!

■□■ Not only that but the sharing and distributing of a number that ISN'T yours without permission is a HUGE INVASION OF PRIVACY ■□■


So guys if you see these numbers floating around ...even if you think they're REAL or NOT

■□■ Please try to refrain from messaging/calling them ■□■

I know you love them and really want to talk to them but please consider their feelings aswell

Thank you everyone have a great day/night ♡♡♡

●○• Love you all •○●

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agreed just agreed like they need rest not their phone going off every second bc of fans as well it's a huge invasion of privacy fans need to calm.down and respect their idols privacy like I Definitely know how it feels to be in a group chat it's annoying VERY annoying because they never shut up and ur sleeping like seriously; -; fans need to chill tf out
ok there being a fan to being a overobsessive fan like no stop
To be honest, it would be nice to know an idols number and get the chance to talk to them, but realize this: They're busy and don't have time to talk to all the fangirls who message them!!!! It's obnoxious and annoying and just very very rude, especially since it's not your place to steal their phone number and share it with others!!!! 😠
I love the way the card is set up! It is short but effective. I'm not gonna rant about this because I have already posted one rant. I do support the message of this card immensely.
It is unreal to me that someone would think this is okay. How would you feel if someone posted your phone number on the internet so random people can just message you at all hours of the day and night? Not too great, I'm sure. Plus, besides being an immense invasion of privacy, you are taking away one of the few lines of communication these idols have with their loved ones. The people they need to talk to for advice or a familiar voice. Any 'fan' that calls or messages these numbers should be ashamed of themselves.