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So I've been reading all the fan fiction on here for months and I've unhappily come to a rut. I can't find anymore. I'VE RUN OUT. But it's okay, my cousin has convinced me that I should try to write my own because I'm probably not the only one who's run out. I was wondering if any of you would read it? I'm thinking the first would be about Suga.
I totally just stole the photo above from another card I had seen right before I made this one. To that person, I'm sorry.
Smut face #1 馃槀馃槀 but my ears might be Smut face #2 O_O
im definitely a 2 and 5. and i think you should write your own. id love to read it.
all but 1 and 5
Write your own!!!! (I usually check archive of our own since they're run by fans and they've got a lot of new works)
Every single one except 4
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