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The two of you catch a taxi over to Doramu Korean BBQ for dinner. Your Waygo app translates your menu so you don’t have to ask twenty questions to the waiter. You simply point, he nods and you are good. You and Lee often speak over Skype or on the phone but you haven’t been together in over a year. Before you know it, two hours and many laughs have passed. You make a list of the places you want to see and the places you wish to go. Parks, museums, old villages, theater, the list goes on and on. It's a good thing the two of you have a month in which to do everything.
When you get back to the hotel your Instagram notification goes off. You check to find a picture of [HN] with one of his group members hamming for the camera. Beneath it the partial quote:
“For in the end, it is all about memory, its sources and its magnitude”.
You admit you recognize it but can’t place it. You go to Google to figure it out and respond. After about five minutes you heart his picture and comment;
“and, of course, its consequences. Night, Wiesel”.
You set about putting a collage together of you and Lee’s dinner out; then create a second one for your adventures by yourself the previous day. The main focal picture is one the waiter snapped for the two of you; he caught the two of you laughing. A few minutes after posting you’re notified that [HN] has liked your photo. You swipe it across to clear the notification and smile that he’s still on his account.
Before bed you get back into Instagram to check what friends have posted through the day and catch up. On your page you check and see that [HN] commented on your photo. What? He never comments. You swipe over to find the picture and laugh when you see under the picture of you and Lee laughing is a simple smiley emoticon. Lee walks over and peers over your shoulder,
“What’s so funny?”
You show her the post and she looks at you like you’re slightly insane. It takes her a minute but then she grabs your phone,
“Wait! Is that him? Let’s see what he looks like.”
You grab for your phone but she’s backed up and turned away. She looks over at you, her eyes big,
“This is really him?”
“I don’t know, You have my phone.”
She turns it and you can see she’s on his profile. You nod,
“Yep, that’s him.”
“Damn girl, no wonder you haven’t told Chad. He’s hot!”
You roll your eyes,
“In case you hadn’t noticed, most KPOP Idols are hot. Now give me back my phone.”
“Hold up, I'm still scrolling.”
After a minute she wanders back towards you,
“So I don’t see a picture of him and his girlfriend in here, what does she look like?”
“He probably has a personal Instagram that he posts stuff like that on. This is like a work related one. I can look her up and show you.”
“You don’t follow her?”
While searching through Google you simply shake your head,
“No, not really into her.”
Lee smirks next to you,
“I can see why. Why keep a reminder of the other woman?”
You turn to her, showing her the picture you found.
“She would never be the ‘other woman’ and neither am I. I told you, we’re just friends – actually not even really friends yet… acquaintances.”
Lee just hums in disbelief as she wanders over to turn the lights off. As your laying there thinking about what she just said your phone buzzes.
“Tell Chad ‘Hi’ from me but keep it down will you? I want to sleep.”
You look down to see it isn’t a call but a text message from [HN].
[HN]: I shall always remember that smile. From what world did it come from?
YOU: Still quoting Night? Don’t you have anything lighter to read?
[HN]: Lol not reading, commenting on your picture from earlier.
YOU: You did comment! I about fell off my bed.
[HN]: It was only a smiley but thought it would let you know that it made me smile.
YOU: I like that, thank you.
[HN]: Did I wake you?
YOU: No, I was just laying here thinking.
[HN]: Heavy thoughts? Good thoughts? Naughty thoughts?
Your eyes widen, well okay, with that question you guess you are definitely friends now.
YOU: Ha. Sorry, no such luck on any of the above. Just thinking.
[HN]: Ah, that’s a shame. Some of those type of thoughts may bring sweet dreams.
You try not to laugh out loud and wake up a now snoring Lee.
YOU: I wish but no such luck for me. What about you?
[HN]: I was scrolling through sns accounts. But same, nothing good for me either.
YOU: I’m sure your gf could assist you with some good dreams.
[HN]: Lol, yes she could; but she has an early morning schedule and went to bed hours ago.
YOU: Ah, I understand now.
[HN]: Understand? You lost me.
YOU: I’m the bored text.
[HN]: Bored text? I do not think you are boring.
YOU: Well thank you but I meant I’m the one you talk to when you are bored.
[HN]: Yes, I mean no, is that offensive to you?
YOU: Not at all. You could be doing a lot worse things than talking to me.
[HN]: Oh? Enlighten me?
YOU: Ha ha no. I’m sure you can find trouble all on your own.
[HN]: Truth. Would you like suggestions?
Is he flirting with you? He must be drunk; weren’t you two just talking about his girlfriend? You shake your head; no, he’s a guy, he’s bored, and it’s the middle of the night. Don’t let your thoughts get ahead of you and think things that aren’t there.
[HN]: [YN]? Everything alright?
YOU: Sorry, yes everything’s fine. No, thank you, I don’t need suggestions, I’m fully capable of getting into trouble on my own.
[HN]: Yes but it is more fun with a friend.
You pick up the pillow next to you and throw it over your face. You’d fan girl scream into it if Lee wasn’t in the next bed over. This is harmless right? Nothing could or ever will come from this, it’s simple harmless flirting. You couldn’t even really call it that right? He hasn’t made any inappropriate comments directed at you, it is simply the way your mind is twisting it.
Well I guess the whole "tell Chad" thing flew out the window cause now I really don't want to tell him😂😂😂
Yup ...harmless flirting! Keep saying it, it's just a little harmless flirting...what can happen right?! *wiggles eye brows* hehe!
Oh ya, Chad... He hasn't slipped my mind or anything. I'm just chatting with a buddy. who just happens to be one of the sexiest men on earth. Wait, who's Chad again?
lol that line so crossed acquaintance level.. smh... and omg.. I love it... I'm so going through this right now.. so Daebak.. Eonni get out of my brain ;p
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