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Thanks @AimeeH for making this game. I'm all in my feelings about VIXX right now and I got my Zelos album Wednesday. (Love overnight shipping btw shout out to Amazon for making things happen lol) Here is the link to the original card : https://m.vingle.net/posts/1548333?shsrc=v
Sure let's go. Can we sing Single Ladies on the way?
Wait Leo paud? He never pays. He always forgets his wallet. I shall take full advantage of this situation.
This is tricky because I'm completely oblivious to your presence 65% of the time.
Hmm... umm... yeah this is gonna be like camp. I'm sleeping with a sheet up to separate the sides of the room. I'm also putting down the invisible line, don't cross it!
Yay!!! I love the beach. Not so much getting my hair wet or the sand that gets everywhere and I do mean everywhere. However, I think this would be fun. Just don't run, not all sandals are for running. My sandals are for cute.
I totally support this. Thank goodness I don't talk with my mouth full or spill food on my clothes. That would be embarrassing.
OMG my hair!!! That is really all I'm worried about. I can swim very well.
So it's like when I was in elementary school, boys were mean to you because they like you. We'll I'm sorry you are sweet but we can only be friends.
Ahhhhh I totally support this!!!!! He would be the best boyfriend ever, I hope. And as proven earlier he likes long walks on the beach lol.
Thank you for playing!!! I'm glad you are happy with your results!!
@ElleHolley yeah cool squad stamp that my name totally isn't on.... @jessicaacosta90