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BTS love sharing music with ARMYs via Twitter, especially our dear RapMon, Tae, and Kookie. I was looking for a blog or playlist somewhere that had RapMon's song recs up to date but I haven't found any so far :/ I did find some for Tae and Kookie - I like the ones I linked in this post the most.

Bless all the ARMYs who work hard to keep us updated!~!! ♡♡♡

Main Page: taehyungmusic -- playlist He actually recommended a lot of English titles according to this playlist. Nice~
Main Page: dailymusic -- playlist So many sad/quiet songs! I can imagine Kookie listening to them whenever he has a moment.

For me, Bangtan's song recs are the closest thing to getting a romantic, old-fashioned mixtape ♡

Have a listen, why don'tcha (:

Btw, if you find an active playlist of RapMon's song recs, I'd love to know ^^


they're so sweet I swear. I love when people in general share music ♥
i didn't even recognize half the artists in tae's playlist (so out of the English music) kookies I did recognize more heh
yesh! and thank you!!!! ^-^
@mrsjeon IKR? glad you like their music~ And ofc I can add you ^^
kookies music recommendations are the type of music I enjoy a lot tbh but can never find that well at times and now I'm extremely happy and taetaes recommendations I like as well a lot it's pretty nice knowing what music they like and listen to can I be added to ur tag list pwease ?