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My pick for this {AA} would be kaneki! He would fit very well in the akatsuki! He's very strong and quite and soft like Nagato! Who do you think would fit best in the akatsuki? Want to participate???

so do I make my own card and connect it to this or....
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This is an interesting choice. I feel like he would turn out to be a pain or itachi type character for some reason.
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@LateefMolette you can make your own card if you would like you can find the original card link above
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kaneki and juuzou are my babies . and i could maybe see that . also kei from ajin is almost similar as kaneki except less depressing and he's just as bad ass
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so @tahyar18920 I just create a new card and try to find the link to this to connect it or just make a regular card and add people?
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