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I've decided to take part in a card challenge by @jordanhamilton about prom dresses so here are my pics!!
I look a little unkempt because these were taken once I got home from prom about two hours ago. These pictures are from my senior prom that I attended on April 23rd, 2016 and I chose to attend stag (maybe I wouldn't have if @Arellano1052 had been there to escorts me jk that'd be a trip lol) Prom was lots of fun and it's about the only time I really let loose. I spent the night with some great friends and had a blast! Also thanks to @cindystran for wishing me lots of fun on prom night!!
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That great!!!
I did for sure, @jordanhamilton!!
Yayyyy! I loveeeeee the dress. Thank you so much for participating. I hope you enjoyed yourself.
lolol I didn't even go to my prom(s) haha My high school was brand new and we only had sophomores and freshmen, my freshman year. So, I didn't go to prom (or winter formal) for four years in a row 馃槒馃憣 I'd rather spend that money on a nice night out. Higher end dinner, movies, and enjoy a dessert in a special place in the middle of both nowhere and everywhere.
@Arellano1052, that definitely sounds better than spending the night trying to avoid grinding couples馃槀