Okay so key has been getting harassed by saesung and im not too pleased by some army their immaturity is showing too much much more I feel bad for key and Fans who aren't like that ....
one person would not stop she would not stop so I said...
and I got told of by that person cursing at me and I tried responding the best way I could...using calmness in how I say it... Im done with people talking bad about bts and army cause not all of them are like that...
I'm glad some understand it not all of any fandom fault it the kids being immature and not knowing what is fandom really about......
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@aliendestina So how do you want to do this? & when can we start? lol 馃槉
@JasminMartinez mmm we can start tomorrow and we can text each other on here
@aliendestina Aww okay sounds great ^_^
Starlights had your back no worries 馃槃