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This is inspired by drunk cousin (she's going through a bad break up), and is my first attempt at fanfiction. I apologize in advance. *%}]%^. There is cursing.^%[{%*
The clank of my glass on the table echoed through the room. It was quiet for once in my small apartment. All that was left in the room was this rickety coffee table that bowed under the weight of a phone book. I scooted back against the wall and sighed as I glared at the ceiling. For once my neighbors weren't hosting the running of the Bulls. Usually I welcomed the quiet with open arms but tonight it was suffocating. This morning he had come to get the rest of his things; including the tv, the couch, even the damn bed that we had bought together but he had insisted that he paid for more than half. He could have the damn bed, hell he could have the whole apartment if it meant he stayed away.
The one time I needed a distraction like work or perhaps a new book, was the only time I didn't have one. The books I used to have, had gotten thrown away because "they took up too much space". The cable box was uselessly thrown on the floor and my laptop was forgotten in my desk at work. With no choice of entertainment I decided I needed to get out. Just one night wouldn't kill anyone, if anything it'd help me get over this whole ordeal. Without another thought I quickly threw on a dress and slipped into a pair of heels that I know I'd regret in the morning. I let my bun loose and combed the long tresses into a manageable style for tonight. I shot off a quick text to my sister that I was going out to a bar and if I didn't respond tomorrow then to be concerned. knowing the time she's probably asleep after already tucking in my nephew for the night. I slung my purse across my shoulders as I made my way out the door. I made sure to lock the door and tuck my keys, along with my phone, into the small black bag. I made my way down the hall and down the stairs to the glass door with profanity scribbled onto it. Without a doubt I knew it was that thirteen year old from apartment 12c. The walk to the bar was short and it was surprisingly cold night for late May. The bar was packed with people and was so warm my body was already covered in a thin layer of sweat. Avoiding eye contact with every and anyone I made my way to the bar and ordered a shot. Another soon filled its place until I couldn't focus on what the bartender was saying.
A warm hand curled around my waist and pulled me off my chair. In surprise I gaped up at the man who impishly smiled down at me. "The bar is closing, do you want me to call you a cab?" The man asked slowly, his arm tightening around my waist as I tried to pull free. "N-no thanks, I live two blocks away; I'll just walk." I stuttered and my words seemed to blur together. I pushed away from his chest and ended up teetering on my heels. I reached out for the lapels of the guys blazer and held on for dear life. His arms encircled me again as he steadied me. "Slow down there killer, why don't I just walk you home?" I glared as I furiously poked at his chest, "I don't have sex with random guys." I slurred, his cheeks were suddenly stained pink and he awkwardly smiled. "No, not like that. I just want to make sure you get home safely, Scouts honor." He said holding up to what I assumed was the boy's scout hand sign . Seeing as I was in no shape to get myself home I agreed to the stranger walking me home. He held me close as I stumbled up the street and even carried me up the set of stairs to my hallway. I let go of him and precariously tottered to the door.
I dug around in my purse for my keys and unlocked the door. I turned to say good bye to my savior to only be startled by how close he was behind me. "Uh...what's your name...?" I asked unsure if had already told me. "Suga, my name's suga." He answered back with a gummy smile. That's a wierd name I thought to myself. "Well I think it stand out more than a regular name," he said smirking down at me. Oh shit, did I say that out loud? "Yes, yes you did." He laughed, as I blushed a dark scarlet, well it could be that or the alcohol. "Thank you for walking me home Suga, I gonna go to bed now." I said pushing the door open slightly and attempting to turn away. Attempt being the key word. He grabbed my elbow and tugged me back towards him. " Y/N, I was wondering if I could have your number. Only so you can call on m if you need escorted again." He joked but held out his hand expectantly. I dug around again and handed him the silver rectangle to which he rapidly tapped on then handed it back. "Message me in the morning, and sleep well Y/N. " he said as he turned towards the stairwell. I watched as he retreated and then turned into my bare apartment. I kicked off my heels and stumbled onto the blow up mattress in my bedroom. As I waited for it to fill up my phone vibrated and suga's name flashed on the screen, i clicked on his message and a smile lazily crawled onto my face. I curled up on the bed as soon as it finished and fell asleep thinking about his text: "Sweet dreams"
😳 That was really long for no reason Well, I tried something sweet and I guess it worked..? Anyways good night people @lexxcisco sorry if I got your name wrong
please tag me. sounds like a great start to a great story.
How did my drunken mess of a self manage to get lucky enough to meet Suga??!! LOL Looks like i was able to do one thing right! hehe! Tag me please!