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This is one of my favorite history movies with one of my favorite actors - Colin Firth. I thought he did an excellent performance portraying the struggle of a royalty with a speech impediment problem needing to step up to the plate in face of his country entering a Second World War, but I was also curious about what the real King George VI sounded like. Someone on Youtube overlapped the sounds of Colin Firth in the movie with the actual speech of King George VI. Once the pauses for cinematic effect are edited out, the sync is almost perfect! I wonder how many times Firth listened to the original speech before being able to perform like this?? The longer pauses between sentences were probably not due to his lack of acting skill, but to create cinematic effect - combined with Beethoven No.7 playing in the background, the longer pauses build up a lot of tension. That's my take anyway, but I'd be interested to hear what others think!
After I told my friends I have a secret crush on colin firth all of my friends were almost enraged, asking me whether I am out of my mind, liking an old dude who is not even that handsome xD I saw him the first time in bridget jones and then followed him through girl with a pearl earring and single man :) The king's speech was absolutely brilliant. I think stutters are really difficult to perform, but he mastered it :) He is such a great actor
@curtisb yeah such a great piece. @happyrock do you have a favorite movie?
loved this movie!
can't believe how well it matches up. beethoven's 7th really adds to the movie though