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Artist Hours is back! Tell a friend!
Not only that, but we're back with a new site! I mean, take a gander at that! Not too shabby if you ask me. And what's even better than a not too shabby site? A not too shabby site that doesn't plan on closing down for quite some time!

Quick Reminder: How Artist Hours Works

At the end of each month you all send me in your scores, and I declare the winner. Then you start back at 0, and work your way up again trying to have the most points next month. So on so fourth. Feel free to tag me in any cards related to Artist Hours and your artwork! Though we do have a "Fandom of the Month", that you can do artwork for and receive five extra points per piece, there is no real theme. Basically, the website is a tool to help you feel motivated to practice your art skills, by adding a competitive element to it. The more time you practice, the more points you get, the closer to first you get.

How Can You Help?

Simple. By participating in Artist Hours, and sharing it around! Those are the two best ways to help Artist Hours. This is a project that takes people, and I can't get them all by myself! Share Artist Hours on social media! :P

The only link you will ever need...

Here it is, in all it's glory, The new and not dead Artist Hours website link. *starts crying happy tears* It's so beautiful...
Tagging all the peoples who have taken a bit of interest in Artist Hours. If you want to be added or removed from the list, please just let me know in the comments!