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My Screenshot Game results totally put me in feels city. Feelsberg. The Feelage. omgush!!

Play original game here, thanks to @AimeeH:
Well hello, Leo's friend and my bodyguard from bullies, Ravi. What is this? An invitation, to a seaside vacation? Omg did Leo put you up to this? I don't know, I am not the richest person, how can I afford this?
What do you mean all expenses paid?! omg Leo paid for it? Just for me to come???? Omg how can I refuse, of course I'll come.
Bring evening wear? What for? It's not like there's going to be romantic dinners and walks on the beach.... wait, what... there are plans for things like that? and more? what do you mean by more? hey, get back here!
Wow what a nice room! glad there's plenty of room for my.... What's that noise in the bathroom? oh... Hai hongbin. ... what are you. ... why are you shirtless and wet? wait you have this room too? but there's only one bed... *gulp*
I gotta go for a walk to clear my head... I like Leo, but how can I stay in the room with another man? *hear footsteps behind* Oh.... H..H....Hi Leo-ssi... what brings you out? You saw me walking alone and wanted to make sure I was ok? Well, there is this hotel room booking problem....
Wow, Leo was sweet to go fix the Double Booking issue for me. *stomach growls* Ah... I'm starving... I should go eat at the hotels cafe... wait, who's calling noona noona behind me? Oh! It's Hyuk. What? Leo sent you to take me to dinner while he and the staff move my things to another room?
Ah dinner was beautiful. Candle light, Piano, Ocean breeze, fresh seafood... So romantic for a 'stall her for me' dinner... I knew things were too good to be true when my high-school bully, N, shows up outside the stairway to whisk me away by my wrist. Hey! What're you doing, ass? Let go! HEY I SAID LET GO! STOP DRAGGING ME TO THE OCEAN. I DON'T WANT TO GET WET! What the hell, why is Ravi just standing there laughing? N you bastard, why are you... *splash gargle gurgle* Ravi do something! You guys are jerks! But I couldn't stop laughing as Ravi, Me, and even jackass bully N splash each other as the sun sets.
We finally make it back to the hotel, sopping wet, gritty from sand everywhere, and faces sore from smiling too much. Not sure where my stuff is, and no one at the desk, I get Ravi to take me to Leo's room so I can find out. *knock knock* Umm, hi Leo... what, call you Taekwoon? ah ok. I'm in desperate need of a shower, and I need my stu..... He hands me a towel and some clothes, and guides me inside his 2 room suite where all my stuff is. What is this? oh, you couldn't remove the other's from their rooms because the rooms they're in are all in their names? Oh I see. So you are sleeping in Hongbin's room? You don't have to... I put my sand and shell muddled hair behind my ear, and shyly began to speak- "Since we're here, I have a confession..." He shushed me and said he'd rather do the confessing first. Pushed me to the shower door, smiled, picked a shell out of my hair and leaned in slowly. "But only after you've showered" he whispered against my ear.
I finished my shower, came out, and he was not there. Instead there was a note telling me to find him outside. ok but where? I throw on my sandals, rush outside. only to be grabbed by a hand just outside the lobby doors. Taekwoon, you scared me, what are you.... He whisked me up in his arms, carried me over to a bonfire for just the two of us. He set me down, and after some silence, looked into my eyes, cupped my cheek, and said "My heart burns just like this bonfire. Just for you." He pauses, smiles, drops his head a little, and apologized for being cheesy. I lifted his head and said "I like you too, Taekwoon" and we sat hand in hand watching the the fire in front of us die down as the one between us grew stronger. I'll leave the rest to your imagination. XD

This was my continuation of the Classmates Screenshot Game from before... The results to this one came straight from God himself ... I loved this!! Ya'll do it too and tag us VIXXENS!

Great results! And that scene from Moorim School was A+ GIF usage for the double booking. xD